Honda recalls 470K vehicles for brake fluid issue

Honda took some of the heat off Toyota for their constant cycle of recalls with a braking-related recall of their own yesterday.

The automaker recalled 470,000 2005-07 Acura RL and 2005-07 Honda Odyssey vehicles in the US, a total of 528,000 of the cars worldwide. The brake fluid leak concerns stem from when fluid other than the original kind is used, posing a risk to the seal on the master cylinder. Honda says it will replace the master brake seal on all affected vehicles, as well as the brake cylinder if leaking has already occurred.

Spokeswoman Christine Ra says the flaw does not pose very much risk to consumers, but that Honda is taking the issue seriously:

Ra noted that if the fluid leaked, it “will result in the brake fluid light illuminating before there is any loss of brake system performance. Although one brake circuit could gradually lose performance due to this cause, there would be no effect on the other brake circuit.”

She said if drivers see a warning light go on, “they should take their vehicle to a dealer for repair immediately.”

No schedule for repairs has been made immediately available to Honda owners whose vehicles may be affected by the recall.

[The Detroit News]