Justin Bieber Not Involved In Brawl, Says Rep

Justin Bieber Introduces iPhone To His Junk At Show, Debuts V For Vendetta Mask [Video]

Justin Bieber has had many things thrown at him on stage over the years. Phones, toys, bras — even boos. But at his Newark, New Jersey concert on Tuesday, the pop prince found a novel storage place for an iPhone that came his way.

While chatting to fans during an interlude between Out Of Town Girl and his acoustic set, the 19-year-old became visibly irritated as fan-thrown objects hit him on stage.

“I don’t need a bandana honestly,” a leather-clad Bieber told the 20,000-strong crowd as one went whizzing past.

“Can we please refrain from throwing things on stage please? Thank you,” the Canadian drawled with tone.

Ignoring the pop star, some of the screaming tweens and teens carried on lobbing miscellaneous stuff, prompting Bieber to tell one thrower:

“You guys know what refrain means? No, no. Refrain means don’t throw. That’s what that means.”

Without doubt, it was a testy few minutes from the teen star.

But, to be fair, if you don’t know what’s being thrown at you while standing on a stage in front of blinding, hot lights until it hits, it’s probably not only irritating — but scary.

Justin Bieber iPhone Fun At Show