[VIDEO] Moonwalking dogs, other hilarious bugs in Fallout: New Vegas

Fallout: New Vegas hit stores yesterday and got a favorable critical reception – it’s currently pulling 85% on Metacritic. One of the few criticisms levelled at the game in most of the reviews I read? Bugs. Oh, the bugs. Fallout: New Vegas is buggier than a Florida swamp in July … but at least these bugs are funny.

Kotaku found some of the best on YouTube, including dogs that can moonwalk, human heads that turn fully 360° while characters speak, and dogs with multiple eyes:

Bethesda later assured Kotaku that downloadable patches would be on the way for all three versions of New Vegas. They’ll include a cure for more serious bugs such as corrupt saves, which I imagine don’t generate quite as much as tittering.

[Via Kotaku]