Derrick Estell inmate on the loose

Inmate, Derrick Estell, Escapes Prison By Jumping Head First Through Window, Manhunt Continues

A prisoner has been filmed escaping from jail by leaping through a window and then running past police.

Derrick Estell, who had been held on several counts of robbery, had two assailants who helped him in his escape from Hot Springs, Arkansas. Police officers from across the state are now in search of the 33-year-old, and they have now released surveillance footage of his miraculous escape from the jail to help them in their pursuit.

Estell, who was imprisoned at Garland Country Jail, escaped from the establishment on Sunday afternoon as he used a telephone in the building. Two officers were watching the inmate as he used the device, but they were then distracted by Estell’s accomplice, William Harding, which gave Estell the chance to jump through the window, out of the jail’s open door and down an alleyway, where a waiting car drove him away.

Officers tried to catch Estell before he got into the car, but they failed in their attempt. They were also unable to follow the vehicle, which was then found abandoned only minutes later. When they found the vehicle, there was no sign of Tamara Upshaw, who is believed to have been Estell’s getaway driver, or the escaped convict, and police are now trying to track those involved down.

Police have stated that Estell is both armed and dangerous, whilst they’ve added that he has a “violent history.” He was incarcerated and charged with burglary, breaking and entering, robbery, and several other offences several months ago.

Estell, who was on parole for a prior conviction in 2010, had been in prison since March. He was arrested in connection with stealing a truck before then going on the run, which came to an end when a SWAT team cornered him and they were then involved in a stand-off. You can watch of clip of him escape above.