Have you been afflicted with ‘Mexican Beer Dermatitis?’

If you spend your days lounging pool or beachside, swilling Mexican beer served with a lime wedge, this totally cosmetic issue is something you should worry about.

According to the New York Daily News, drinkers of Mexican beer who like to chill out outside are at risk of a harmless, terrifying condition called “Mexican beer dermatitis,” characterized by spots of discoloration on areas of skin splashed with errant spritzes of lime:

“It’s just a cosmetic issue,” (Scott) Flugman told Reuters Health, though he said the discoloration — most frequently in people like bartenders who work outdoors with limes — may take an emotional toll.

“People are worried that it’s something serious. You might have some brown spots you’re been looking at for a few months,” he said. Olive-skinned Caucasians may be especially susceptible.

Flugman says precautions to avoid the condition’s “emotional toll” include washing skin that has been doused with lemon or lime juice if you intend to remain in the sun. For lazy asses, Flugman recommends you “throw a towel over it” to avoid the discoloration, which is not unlike what people have been doing for years to lighten their hair.