Redneck Day, Duck Dynasty Racist? Arizona School Investigated By Feds

Redneck Day, Duck Dynasty Racist? Arizona School Investigated By Feds

Redneck Day, a Duck Dynasty inspired school event in Arizona, is being called racist, and the Department of Education is investigating.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the Duck Dynasty Redneck Day was controversial back in May when the Queen Creek High School first held the event.

Redneck Day was intended to lift school spirit before prom by mimicking the reality TV show Duck Dynasty. Redneck Day was supposed to be about fun, but the event quickly became politicized.

At the time, Redneck Day was criticized by civil rights groups including the NAACP. They felt the Duck Dynasty-inspired Redneck Day could “offend people” and was a “direct attack on African-Americans.” Critics were especially concerned by a student who wore a Confederate flag like a cape.

The student wearing the Confederate flag says he had “no ill intent,” and the student apparently came from a state where the Confederate flag is a more common sight. The Department of Education has already declared “the display of the Confederate flag concerns rights protected by the 1st Amendment.”

Still, the student was asked to remove the Confederate flag, and the DOE will investigate “whether a racially hostile environment was created due to language and actions not protected by the 1st Amendment.” The DOE will also “determine the remedy, including moderating conversations between school administrators and civil rights community leaders to shape new policy and racism prevention measures.”

Student Wears Confederate Flag To School

Do you think the Department of Education should consider Redneck Day and Duck Dynasty racist?