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Will Smith’s Scientology-Based School Closes Due To Outraged Parents

Will Smith Scientology Based School Closes

Will Smith’s Scientology based school located in Calabasa, California has closed.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Will Smith’s After Earth movie supposedly had Scientology themes.

Along with his wife Jada Pinkett, Will Smith invested a lot of money into the New Village Leadership Academy. It was advertised as an uplifting educational institution for parents who aren’t Scientologist but also for Will Smith’s friends in the Church of Scientology.

According to the August 5 edition of Star Magazine, parents of students did not know about the institution’s religious slant and curriculum. The leaders allegedly didn’t mind taking their money, giving a half-truth explanation of their institution for the last two years. This caused outrage among the parents of students when they found out about the Scientology connections.

As of June 28, it has been reported that Will Smith’s Scientology school school was shut down due to its shady business practices. News about this has remained mostly silent since it is reported that Scientology adherents keep their practices and failures silent.

Since Will Smith and Jada Pinkett have promoted and invested millions into the institution, there should have been some backlash upon this shadiness coming to light. However, it is now known since they severed ties with the school and silently exited away from the controversy without any mention.

The possibility of lawsuits may arise from this situation, but as as far as Will Smith and his wife are concerned they may have dodged the bullet of controversy just in the nick of time.

What are your opinions of Will and Jada Pinkett’s involvement in the controversy surrounding the Scientology-based school? Should they also be held accountable for the school’s actions?

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20 Responses to “Will Smith’s Scientology-Based School Closes Due To Outraged Parents”

  1. Anonymous

    It's clear Will and Jada were instrumental in setting up the school. They will also have known about the school's connection with the church of scientology. Lastly they must have had some clue regarding the issues surrounding the school because they quietly backed away from it when they should have raised the alarm; this is outrageous and they should be held accountable.

  2. Paul V. Tupointeau

    Dear Parents of America: If you can afford private education, avoid any school that uses Applied Scholastics or anything by L. Ron Hubbard. It's Scientology, and it's oversimplified, trite garbage designed to prevent the development of childrens' critical thought faculties.

    Dear Hollywood: Scientology has been riding your coattails for far too long. Treat it like the parasite it is. Most of the world recognises it as an abusive mind-control cult. See beyond the narcissism it promotes, and stop feeding it.

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