Sean Combs wants to buy a NFL team

I am not hip in any sense of the word, so I don’t know what Mr. Sean Combs is calling himself these days, but to me he will always be Puffy, so I guess that is what I will call him. Apparently Puffy was busy on Twitter recently when he went out of his way to say that he wants to buy a NFL team. It seems Puffy is on a crusade to become the first ever African American Majority owner of a NFL franchise. The main problem, currently no NFL teams are for sale.

Say what you will about Puffy, I am not a fan of his, his music, or his work, but one thing cannot be denied is that he is a marketing genius. For example I don’t think I could name you one of his songs, but I know who he is and that he works for his own record label. If I know that, plenty of you know all about this guy. I think he would be a great NFL owner, in terms of marketing and the attention he could bring to not only his team but the league itself.

I don’t particularly care for the crusty old guard that owns the majority of NFL teams today. My Detroit Lions are owned by one William Clay Ford who is not dynamic in any way. Sure Jerry Jones is a A-Hole, and sometimes way over the top but sports leagues need characters like that and Puffy would add a little something to the NFL.

In the end Puffy probably faces a uphill fight to get approved to purchase a team once one becomes available, but I think for once this league should think outside of the box and embrace a guy like this joining the ownership ranks.

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