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Glenn Beck’s Nazi Collection Goes On Display In Bizarre Exhibit

Glenn Beck's Nazi Exhibit Includes Hitler's Blood Next To Anne Frank's Diary

Glenn Beck’s unusual collection of Nazi memorabilia was put on display in an exhibit in Salt Lake City earlier this month. Called the “Independence Through History” exhibition, Beck’s unusual displays have lead to mixed reactions and outrage.

The exhibits were also part of a recent gathering lead by Glenn Beck in Salt Lake City dubbed the “Man on the Moon” rally.

The controversial displays filled two small rooms in Salt Lake City’s Grand America Hotel. On display were objects and artifacts from the past several centuries, reports Politicus USA. As people walked through the rooms, they saw preserved Bibles from the 18th century, early US currency, historical presidential campaign memorabilia, and even sculptures of “simian slaves.”

The exhibition was presented as a historical tribute to United States history and its European heritage. Most of the items in the first room came from David Barton’s personal collection. Barton, a friend of Beck’s, is also known for his tea party writings.

The second room contained Glenn Beck’s personal contributions. Nazi mementos, Klu Klux Klan hoods, and an early edition of Anne Frank’s diary were among the items on display. With no clear connection between Beck’s items and the exhibition’s theme, it is understandable that this angered some, including members of Utah’s Jewish community.

The collection included a swastika banner from Nuremberg, a copy of Mein Kampf signed by Adolf Hitler, and even love letters penned by Hermann Goring. And next to the Anne Frank diary, perhaps the strangest piece of Beck’s collection: a handkerchief stained in Hitler’s blood.

This display seemed to create neither enthusiasm nor outrage from its attendants. However it has left not only Salt Lake City’s Jewish citizens upset but puzzled Beck’s liberal opponents. Known for his vehement rhetoric, Beck has rarely shied away from making comparisons between Nazi Germany and President Obama and liberals in the United States.

As the Tribune points out, memorabilia like these are extremely rare. Most items such as these have been completely outlawed in much of Europe, including Germany and Austria. When such items are found, they are usually destroyed. The items that still survive today are usually passed among ex-Nazis and neo-Nazis.

Critics say this insensitive exhibition in Salt Lake City reveals Glenn Beck’s Nazi leanings and extreme right-wing ideology.

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13 Responses to “Glenn Beck’s Nazi Collection Goes On Display In Bizarre Exhibit”

  1. Kate Metz

    Get a clue. If you had actually ATTENDED the exhibit (by the way it is called Man on the Moon) you would realize that all of the memorabilia on display was from private collectors NOT Beck. Maybe this paper has never heard Santayana's famous quote "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." That is why it is important to remember the Nazis.

  2. Brad Hawkins

    this racist Nazi has nothing in common with people of color..he tries to hide in plain sight,, glen you're not matin luther king or and black civil rights activist you're a dyed in the wool 'racist' get over it..

  3. Anonymous

    Wow, how many uninformed people are out there? Doesn't anyone check sources, facts, anything? Do you all just repeat the mistakes of those in front of you because it's so much easier than doing your own work? The internet and so called "news" agencies don't do anything except plagiarize others anymore. And they don't even check the accuracy before they do it!

  4. Anonymous

    Brad, by buying into the lies of this hideous article, you have exposed your sheer stupidity.

  5. Marie Louise Caron

    So now cut-and-paste passes for journalism? There was no SL Tribune article, it was a opinion hit piece penned by someone who didn't go to the exhibit, didn't interview Beck, didn't fact check. And no "critic" has been quoted but Ms Karl.

  6. Bob Kellum

    Should we forget the horrific Holocaust? Should we destroy all materials that document the tragedy? Should we destroy the fact that this horror was unleashed in the National Socialist Party by people who just went along with what the Government wanted to do? Should we erase all traces of the ever hardening tyranny that started out small and inconsequential, and then grew brick by brick until the Greatest Evil was unveiled in the killing of millions? Perhaps we should do away with all traces of this horror, and the depths of evil were unmentionable…

    No. We cannot and must not avert our eyes from truth. In the same way that pictures of the horror of Abortion are attacked, so is the very evidence of similarities between that old culture and the new passivity. No, by attempting to discredit the speaker, you discredit the evidence. By calling for the destruction of truth, you PROVE your own complicity with the sleep that preceded that well-documented slide into darkness.

    If you wish to place your head in the sand, be my guest. If you stand and try to justify glossing over History, then you have made enemies of those who love the truth. We will not stand silently until the passive slide ends in violent removal of our voices. We will not accept "shut up and sit down".

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