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Benghazi Scandal Blamed On Fox News Instead Of Obama, Hillary Clinton

Benghazi Scandal Blamed On Fox News Instead Of Obama, Hillary Clinton

The Benghazi scandal is being blamed on Fox News.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the Benghazi scandal hero David Ubben spoke for the first time since the attacks.

Pat Smith, mother of one of the Navy SEALS slain in the attack, was outraged when President Obama called the Benghazi scandal phony. Critics point out what President Obama said about Benghazi was this:

“But with this endless parade of distractions and political posturing and phony scandals, Washington has taken its eye off the ball.”

Since the statement by President Obama was so vague it could have referred to the IRS scandal or any of the other Obama scandals. Fox News hosts thought Obama was referring to the deaths in the Benghazi scandal. But Treasury secretary Jack Lew says the IRS scandal is phony:

“The attempt to try to keep finding that evidence is creating the kind of sense of a phony scandal that was being referred to there. We have to distinguish reality from the part that is phony.”

The Benghazi scandal began when internal security at Benghazi was reduced from 34 people to just three by the State Department. Instead, groups known to be tied to al Qaeda terrorists were hired to guard Benghazi. he State Department and the White House changed the Benghazi talking points significantly before the attack was announced to the public, causing some to claim the Benghazi scandal should impeach Obama since it’s claimed the actions were taken for political reasons.

Progressive organizations like Media Matters are claiming the allegedly phony Benghazi scandal can be blamed on Fox News. They claim Fox News falsely attributed Obama’s comments to the deaths in Benghazi since President Obama addressed the deaths the day after the Benghazi attacks. Media Matters claims Fox News is pushing a “myth” that rescue forces were ordered to stand down and Obama abandoned Americans to die. But the Benghazi witnesses claim special forces were denied a Benghazi rescue mission.

Still, Media Matters claims Fox News made the Benghazi scandal worse by claiming Obama never referred to the Benghazi attacks as Islamic terrorism, instead using the phrase “acts of terror.” Fox News reportedly claimed Obama was absent during the Benghazi attacks and that Obama edited the Benghazi talking points for political purposes. Fox News also accused Hillary Clinton of faking illnesses and personally signing the diplomatic cables that discussed the reduction in Benghazi security from 34 people down to three.

Media Matters even goes so far as to claim President Obama didn’t blame the Benghazi attacks on the anti-Muslim film Innocence of Muslims. The Benghazi investigation, on the other hand, blames the State Department under the direction of Obama of altering “accurate talking points drafted by the intelligence community in order to protect the State Department.”

Do you think the Benghazi scandal can be blamed on Fox News?

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7 Responses to “Benghazi Scandal Blamed On Fox News Instead Of Obama, Hillary Clinton”

  1. Jim Ward

    The President condemns the phony Republican scandal mongering without mentioning Benghazi. Partisans then pretend the President claimed the death of one of the four killed in the Benghazi terrorist attacks is "phony."

    Nothing but despicable nonsense.

    We went down this road before when the partisans from the right claimed the President called the the deaths of the four Americans "bumps in the road," when in fact he was talking about the transitions for newly elected governments.

    What the President said: "But with this endless parade of distractions and political posturing and phony scandals, Washington has taken its eye off the ball."

    The President is not alone. In regard to Congressional Republican scandal mongering, Republican Bob Dole publicly proclaimed that Congressional Republicans should hang a "Closed for Business Sign" until they can come up with a positive agenda for governing our nation.

    And the President would be perfectly right even if he was to call the actions of Congressional Republicans in regard to Benghazi "phony." The list goes on and on:

    — Republican staffers doctoring email evidence related to the Benghazi attacks in an attempt damage their next likely presidential contender and to create a bogus narrative of a coverup.

    — Partisans claiming the anti-Muslim video that was widely televised and distributed throughout the Mideast, inciting protests, attacks and riots on 54 US facilities in 20 nations at the time of the Benghazi attacks, was just an "obscure" YouTube video.

    — Falsely claiming that the Administration linked the Benghazi attacks to protests over the video when in fact this was first done by Libyan officials, numerous eyewitnesses in Benghazi, and in multiple media reports including interviews with some of the attackers and protesters on site.

    — Falsely claiming that the President was MIA during the Benghazi attacks despite testimony and photographs illustrating him meeting with his National Security Adviser as word of the attack reached Washington; meeting and authorizing the immediate deployment of necessary force with the Secretary of Defense and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff; meeting with the Vice President and Members of the National Security Team well into the evening and the next morning.

    — Falsely claiming there was a "stand down." The most despicable of all the lies, this falsehood disrespects the heroic actions leading to the death of two of our four dead: Responding soldiers, one from each response force, killed while manning a rooftop machine gun during the rescue operation in an 11-minute mortar attack. The responding forces were comprised of CIA soldiers, US military, SEALS, Commandos and 40 – 60 members of the 17th of February Brigade. These forces joined the DSS force that traveled with Ambassador Stevens from Tripoli, the on site DSS force, the contracted local security and Libyan military in more than 50 vehicles who all combined to kill nearly 100 of the assailants in battle; secured the bodies of our dead; and safely evacuated more than 30 Americans.

    — Falsely claiming that Administration officials "watched them die" on a live video feed from the Benghazi outpost. The US Predator Drone that was quickly launched provided escape routes to the responding forces in the rescue operation. There was no video feed to Washington from either the drone or the closed circuit video at the outpost.

    — Falsely claimed that the White House forced the CIA to remove information from the talking points for political purposes. Testimony from CIA Director Gen. David Petraeus, along with email evidence, proved that the changes were made to respect the requests of the FBI investigators not for any political purpose. Gen. Petraeus himself was disgruntled because he did not believe the talking points went far enough in linking the attacks to the protests over the anti-Muslim propaganda video.

    — Falsely accused Hillary Clinton of faking illness to avoid testifying about Benghazi. Clinton, who subsequently provided full testimony, was, of course, hospitalized with a potentially life-threatening blood clot.

    — Falsely claiming the President needed to cover up any act of terror because he had claimed that we won the war on terror. The President, in fact, addressed the American people on the night of bin Laden's death and did just the opposite: He specifically told us that the work was not over and that they would continue to try and attack us.

    Should I go on? I haven't even touched the despicable lies about Ambassador Stevens being sexually assaulted; that he was a targeted because he was gay; that this was a Obama hit; or a Clinton hit; on and on…

    After 10 months of investigations, hearings and reports, there is little mystery remaining regarding the Benghazi attacks, the rescue operation, the President's engaged response and more…

    None of this will satisfy you and other partisans from the right. So please answer my question: Having met with the families of our four lost Americans; having told the American people what we now know to be the truth; and having these facts affirmed in months of investigations, hearings and reports — what is it that remains to be explained to the families? Please be specific.

  2. Faith Brooks

    I cannot continue to read this nonsense. you have presented nothing but false information and you know it. this is the kind of bulls–t that is the modis operandi of you liberals. the video was not wide spread as you claim and the pm of libyia knew from the beginning it was a terror attack and because of the Obama false claims, he, the pm, refused American investigation for several weeks because the falsehood Obama and his menions were claiming was an affront to him. all the e-mails point to one thing—the state dept. and the white house forced the changes. david petraeus made it clear in one e-mail that he wanted no part of the final draft, it was so stupid. the accusation of Hillarys' feigned illness was a joke and was not taken seriously. as for obamas' rose garden speech in which he supposedly called the act a terror attack,, good try, but no reward. he mentioned Benghazi and then started talking about the 9/11 twin towers attack and made a statement such as " no act of terror would change our resolve blah blah blah. he did not call the Benghazi attack a terror attack. and if he had why would he on 6 other separate occasions say it, the Benghazi attack, was a result of a spontaneous protest spurred on by an anti Islamic video. and then there is the fact that other than the initial call to inform him of the attack, he went incommunicado. no one heard from him again, in spite of the attack lasting 8 hrs. you need to get you a personal brain and do you own thinking. I have watched every hearing had on c-span and fox news which is the only places you will get the truth which you undoubtedly are not interested in. Obama is eventually going down for these scandals all of them so just calm down the thrill up your pants leg and accept it.

  3. Faith Brooks

    one more thing, that crap about them not watching on live feed is a big lie. Charlene lamb from the state dept. testified in the first hearing that she was watching real time in her off on live feed so if she was do you not think it could be seen by officials higher up than her? get the real facts before you spout off anymore crappy lies.

  4. P.j. Whitman

    And some still believe an armed rescue party would have gotten in and out like some bad movie about an isolated prison by a black ops team [or the bin Laden] raid. We had limited troops in the area and/or readily available because we did not want to militarily intervene with troops on the ground in Libya. If any real likelihood had existed to rescue the four had existed, we would probably have tried.
    With nothing resembling surprise, I doubt that any number less than several battalions could have rescued the four in Benghazi, if they would even had time to respond in time to save the four. And here we go, I'll get all these armchair warriors telling me all the pertinent facts, just as if they had been there themselves. I was desert trained US Army, for potential mid-east rapid deployment, et cetera, so don't give me too much crap about not knowing… whatever.
    This government made a commitment to not put troops on the ground in Libya, and that was fairly widely supported. Now, if a rescue would have had much of a chance for success, In My Opinion, the current administration might have tried, but were still committed to not sending troops into Libya. So, it was a dangerous posting to keep embassy personnel in Libya, because large number of U.S. ground troops were not entering Libya. The mistake was not getting personnel out of libya in time. Once the attacks started, it's doubtful anything more could have been done.
    And Fox News likely has few clues what really happened and is exploiting the situation and we know that CIA has [not]been transparent in the operation or the investigation…

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