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George Hickey: Agent Blamed For JFK Death In Documentary

George Hickey JFK

George Hickey, a secret service agent, is blamed for John F Kennedy’s death in a new documentary. JFK: The Smoking Gun, is the work of retired police detective Colin McLaren. Working with Bonar Menninger, McLaren spent four years researching the film.

As reported by New Kerala, the documentary explores the theory that agent Hickey fired one of the two bullets that hit Kennedy. McLaren cites ballistic evidence, which was examined in a book written by Howard Donahue.

Agent George Hickey was riding in the vehicle directly behind the president and his wife. McLaren believes that Hickey fired his gun in response to the first shot, which was fired by Lee Harvey Oswald.

As reported by the Independent, Hickey was out late the previous evening, attending a party with colleagues. McLaren points out that Hickey’s fatigue, combined with lack of experience, likely caused the “tragic accident.”

The documentary suggests that Hickey fired in response to Oswald’s shot. However, the shot missed the intended target, hitting John F Kennedy instead.

McLaren explains that he is not blaming George Hickey for the accidental shooting:

“What we’re saying is that we believe it was a tragic accident in the heat of that moment… We don’t suggest that he was in any way involved in a conspiracy.”

In 1964 the President’s Commission on the Assassination of President Kennedy, led by Chief Justice Earl Warren, came to a much different conclusion. Although the topic is hotly debated, the Commission concluded that John F Kennedy was killed by Lee Harvey Oswald.

As explained at, the commission concluded that all shots “were fired from the sixth floor window at the southeast corner of the Texas School Book Depository.”

The commission also concluded that “the shots which killed President Kennedy… were fired by Lee Harvey Oswald.”

Numerous conspiracy theories have suggested otherwise. However, the Warren Commission Report remains the official explanation and conclusion. George Hickey’s involvement is simply another theory.

McLaren’s film will premier in Australia, the US, and Canada.

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9 Responses to “George Hickey: Agent Blamed For JFK Death In Documentary”

  1. Rick Robertson

    Actually Hickey was one of the few agents who was *not* out late. Perhaps that's why he was given the rôle of rifleman even though his rookie status (4 months on the job) was typically limited to limo detail.

  2. Akin Oyawale YawaSlim

    I keep wondering how an accidental shot went straight into the presidents skull and if it was accidental how it was covered up for so long. He was in charge of the cars and should never had access to a rifle. I believe he had motives and a car jerk could have resulted in him pulling the trigger and firing aimlessly but not straight for no other person but Mr. President, and also in his skull. He also lied that the gun was not cocked which contradicted what the boss said. Hickey killed him for a reason no one will ever know but I believe it wasnt accidental.

  3. Richard Kovacs

    This is a very poor explanation of McLaren's conclusion. Hickeynwasn't firing at anybody, he removed the AR-15 from the floor in front of him in response to the first two shots. The weapon was "ready to go" according to lead Secret Service agent Kellerman. The weapon fired inadvertently when the car sped up, sending both Hickey and a fellow agent back into the rear seat. The kill shot clearly involved a frangible round — its damage was much greater than the full metal jacketed rounds fired by Oswald. The .223 caliber bullet fit the entry wound found in the back of Kennedy's head, measured as 6mm by Dr. Hume. The 6.5mm Carcano bullet wouldn't produce an entry hole that small. This theory explains all of the bizarre actions of the Secret Service, including the missing photos from the autopsy. Although not mentioned by McLaren, the president's head moved forward for one frame (312 to 313) before jolting backwards due to the explosion of brain, bone and other matter in the forward direction. Kennedy was NOT assassinated. He died from a tragic accidental shooting. The AR-15 was immediately removed from the Secret Service's arsenal after this event. Oswald must've seen JFK's head explode and knew he didn't do it. That may explain some of his actions and statements afterward, especially "I'm a patsy." (Donohue traced the path from the entry and exit locations in JFK's skull back to the trailing Secret Service car.).

  4. Richard Kovacs

    To aim and fire a perfect shot from an accelerating vehicle into another accelerating vehicle is preposterous. Multiple witnesses reported seeing him looking back over his shoulder towards Oswald's perch when the fatal shot was fired. Maybe he was Annie Oakley and used a mirror. A careful aim would've been obvious to other agents and trailing cars.

  5. Richard Kovacs

    David Lifton's book "Best Evidence" is meticulously researched but draws the wrong conclusion based on a simple law of physics: Newton's Third Law. (Surprisingly, Lifton was a graduate student in physics at UCLA at the time and he missed it.) In reaction to the fatal shot the Zapruder film shows JFK's head pushed forward for one frame (312 to 313) before it violently jerked backward. The forward motion was due to the impact at the back of the head. It would've been more pronounced and lasted longer had the round been a full metal jacketed round that would've continued on out the front (really the forward, right-hand side) of JFK's head smacking the skull again and leaving a much smaller exit hole. Instead the frangible round exploded in JFK's head causing a large amount of brain, bone and other matter to blast forward from his head. This is clearly visible in the Zapruder film. Newton's Third Law says the head would've been pushed backwards in response to the brain matter emerging forcefully from the front — an equal and opposite reaction. Imagine an explosion without a bullet involved: the head had to accelerate backward as the stuff emerged in a forward direction. It emerged in the forward direction rather than in every direction due to the momentum of the frangible round, pieces of which undoubtedly forced open the huge exit hole.

  6. Richard Kovacs

    I believe key members of the Warren Commission staff, like future Sen. Arlan Spector, knew what happened, namely that Hickey accidentally shot the president. I, too, probably would've covered it up. Why crucify Agent Hickey? Oswald had clearly fired two rounds in an effort to assasinate JFK. (The 3rd shell casing had probably been chambered to keep dirt and grit out; he ejected it a couple of feet away before firing twice as the closely paired casings show.) Let him hang for it. Ruby wasn't hired by anybody to kill Oswald. He would've been at the police station much earlier and not been screwing around waiting for change for a Western Union payment.

  7. Mac Franks

    Since when does the Secret Service or any other government agency, swat or police use frang's? Short answer is that they don't. Only wet work/black ops uses that sort of round because they can't afford to leave the bullet behind and they also can't afford a through and through. The new film did not cover why the agents were ordered off the back bumper of the JFK limo. There are odd things regarding Oswald's ties to the CIA as well. There is too much wrong with this whole thing to not smell the rats. I wasn't there but Hickey could have easily got up and was waiting for a second or 2 to fire literally as soon as the first round was heard. This is now taught in sniper strategy. The car drivers had not yet had time to hit the gas. He fell back after the shot and then got up again to act like he was looking for the shooter. When a federal agent approaches you with a gag order under national security and explains that you can be erased for disobeying it, its pretty easy to cover things up. There is also the compartmentalization of knowledge. Virtually nobody knew everything that was involved in that whole deal except the people who planned it. Only afterwards do you begin to see the blueprint of the conspiracy at work. You can't believe anything that Kellerman said. He was involved in the cover up which is obvious when he is collecting up film and notebooks and they all disappear. Arlen Spectre was obviously also involved in the cover up. He pre-questioned potential witnesses outside the court and then simply did not ever call them.

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