FCC looks to expand 3G and 4G data into Rural Markets

New FCC Plan: Spread 3G and 4G Data to Rural Areas

The FCC today at their monthly meeting announced a proposal that would help fund mobility projects which would push 3G and 4G mobile data access to rural areas currently not covered by existing wireless companies.

Under the plan the FCC will spend between $100 million and $300 million to spread 3G and 4G capabilities.

The proposal includes the FCC auctioning off the right to the data networks to company’s willing to build the infrastructure for the cheapest cost.

According to FCC officials, the plan would including some funding that has already been raised by the Sprint and Verizon Universal Service Fund.

According to Electronista:

Despite over 90 percent of the US population getting 3G or better coverage from at least one major carrier, about four million Americans have either to resort to 2G or, occasionally, little to no coverage at all. Carriers have long argued that even wireless coverage is often prohibitively expensive for some rural areas since the population counts and median incomes would make any service a money-losing prospect.

What do you think about how the FCC plans to expand 3G and 4G coverage? I’m a little afraid of what type of technology would be used by the lowest bidder!