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Apple Warns Chinese Customers To Avoid Third-Party iPhone Chargers Following Electrocutions

Apple is warning Chinese customers to avoid using fake third-party chargers and other accessories. The warning arrives just weeks after a charger issue caused electrocutions to two customers.

On its website, Apple offers two photographs, one of a real Apple iPhone 4 charger and the other of a real iPhone 5 charger.

The posting arrives after a female in China was allegedly electrocuted while answering her iPhone. The smartphone being used was plugged into a third-party Apple charger.

Several weeks ago another electrocution put a Chinese man into a coma after he attempted to plug in his iPhone 5 to a third-party charger.

Apple had promised to fully investigate the iPhone electrocutions but has yet to issue a follow-up statement.

In one case, electrocution victim Ma Ailun purchased a third-party iPhone charger that was designed to look like a real Apple product.

Apple is specifically warning Chinese customers to avoid third-party chargers. The country has a history of allowing sub-par products on the market. Because of lax regulation, Apple third-party devices in China vary in their level of safety and quality.

The iPhone electrocutions began just months after safety consulting and certification company UL issued a strong warning against counterfeit Apple USB charger. In the company’s declaration, UL noted that the knock-off chargers suffer from low quality builds and dangerous defects.

Here are the two photos that Apple released showing customers how to spot iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 chargers:

Apple iPhone Charger