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Tantrum Video Wife: I’m Filing For Divorce [Video]

tantrum video wife divorce

By now, you’ve seen the epic NSFW tantrum video going viral today in which long-suffering Jim Mongiat listens to his wife Whitney have a complete nervous breakdown in their car over her desire to go to “the LAAAAAKE.”

Now that the video is all over the Internet, Whitney is filing for divorce.

The story seems simple enough. Jim recorded Whitney’s epic Exorcist-level rant about her desire to spend the couple’s Saturday at the lake, while Jim explains that he had the day earmarked for household chores.

He explained that the couple’s fights always go like this, and that the video shows their final fight before he chose to move out and get a restraining order against her.

Whitney tells another side to the story. RightThisMinute tracked down the apparently unhappy couple and talked with the 30-year-old nurse about why she reacted the way she did. She says that he had promised to take her to the lake to begin with… only to change his mind after the two got into a heated argument about something else altogether.

He then bullied and egged her on until she broke down, at which point he started to record her.

Jim stands by his decision to put the video on the Internet, and said that many of the couple’s friends are unsurprised by her reaction. He just wanted to show the world before ending his 15-month marriage to Whitney.

But she says she’ll be the one filing for divorce.

You can check out the follow-up to Jim and Whitney’s tantrum video below, and let us know whose side you’re taking in the comments below.

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10 Responses to “Tantrum Video Wife: I’m Filing For Divorce [Video]”

  1. Nathan Francis

    I don't exactly have sympathy for a guy who wants to embarrass his wife in front of the whole world. Fine, so your marriage isn't working, just move on and be an adult about it.

  2. Tayla Roman

    I'm not taking anyone's side, they're both wrong. He was a jerk for recording this (and laughing at some points) and putting it online. Some things do not need to be made public. But I was really disgusted by the way she was acting. No grown woman should be carrying on like a 2-year-old like that. Actually, that's an insult to 2-year-olds. If this is common behavior for her, I'm surprised they lasted 15 months.

  3. Tanesha Holman

    Lmao at that's an insult to 2 year olds. I'll have to watch the video.

  4. Kim LaCapria

    Some other forum suggested emotional manipulation might be a factor. Her behavior was appalling but I do wonder what went on behind the scenes.

  5. Tayla Roman

    Kim LaCapria Yeah, I've seen a couple of comments suggest that he was gaslighting her. Which is entirely possible, but still. In either case, they clearly didn't need to be together if this is how they interact with each other.

  6. Dusten Carlson

    My feeling is they both have a lot of growing up to do. Still, no amount of emotional manipulation is worth sacrificing your dignity like that. Get counseling or get a divorce.

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