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Girl Rescued In China After Being Stuck Outside 24th Floor Apartment [Video]

A girl rescued in China has become the unwitting star of the latest YouTube skyscraper rescue drama.

Folks, it’s gut-wrenching to anyone who has a fear of heights. As you will see when you press that button to watch the video, a 5-year-old girl in Daye, China was rescued after being trapped between bars on the exterior walls of a 24th floor skyscraper apartment.

According to AZCNewsView, who posted the video, China’s state broadcasting service said that the girl had been locked in the apartment by herself. She decided to exit via the living room window.


Somehow, to add insult to injury, she managed to get her head wedged in the bars after she was already outside — trapping her by her head some 230 feet in the air.

Because the door was locked, the firefighters and other rescue workers had to break into the apartment before they could get inside to rescue the girl.

I’m afraid that 24 stories up is a bit much for me. I’m feeling woozy after that one.

In another skyscraper rescue reported today, stuntmen in San Diego for a Kick-Ass 2 event were able to rescue an intoxicated, suicidal woman dangling from the 14th floor of an apartment balcony. There’s video of that one too, so be sure to check it out.

“It’s what we do everyday for stunts,” said one of the men involved in the skyscraper rescue. “It happened so fast and we just responded.”

For a more light-hearted skyscraper rescue, check out the video I posted the other day of a civilian firefighter in a cherry-picker who rescued a dog trapped in a window in Brooklyn.

By the way, if you get dizzy and can’t watch the entire video, the Chinese girl was rescued and brought in safely.

[skyscraper still photo by Mstyslav Chernov via Wikimedia Commons]