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My Sisterwife’s Closet So-Called Business Rattles ‘Sister Wives’ Season Premiere

Sister Wives cast

My Sisterwife’s Closet was at the center of the Sister Wives season four premiere of the TLC reality show on Sunday night. As everybody probably already knows, Sister Wives is the story of Kody Brown and his four wives Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn.

For reasons best known to Brown, he thought it would be a good idea to get famous for having four wives. I suppose in honor of the complete crash of the Las Vegas real estate market, they’ve moved from Utah to Vegas so that each so-called sister wife can have her own house.

In the season premiere of Sister Wives, the focus is placed squarely on their My Sisterwife’s Closet business, which features jewelry about as original as you’d expect from somebody who still thinks polygamy is cool. Outside of Utah and Uganda, I’m going to say that most of the credibility for that lifestyle has been left somewhere back in 600 BC.

But that’s me.

According to the Hollywood Life recap of the Sister Wives episode, Brown and his wives have to make this business profitable to afford the four houses. I think their chances are slim and none, unless all Utah wants to come out and support their business just to keep them from moving back.

Trouble is, as the Sister Wives premiere reveals, when they try to hawk their jewelry to the Mormon community in St. George, they get the big brush-off. Nobody’s interested in what they’re selling.

Not their merchandise. And not their reality TV circus freak lifestyle.

And even the Sister Wives themselves don’t really believe in this c**p.

Here’s a key quote from wife Christine: “I’m giving my support if I come to the [business] meetings. If I don’t groan during the meetings and roll my eyes and walk out early, that’s good support.”

One problem with My Sisterwife’s Closet designs is that they lack heart, originality, and understanding. For instance, as a longtime resident of New Orleans, I’m a little peeved to see that four reality TV stars from Utah feel free to help themselves to the fleur-de-lys in their designs.

The Sister Wives don’t seem to possess the slightest bit of understanding that the fleur-de-lys has become the symbol of the rise of New Orleans from the ruins of Hurricane Katrina. It is not just a random symbol of confidence.

And there’s another problem. “That has been over done. The fad is over,” as one poster noted on a Facebook page photo showing the My Sisterwife’s Closet fleur-de-lys earrings.

My Sisterwife's Closet

a jewelry piece for sale at My Sisterwife’s Closet

And of course there’s the expected reaction to the Sister Wives season premiere from Twitter:

Frankly, I have to agree. If you’re not important enough to have your own husband all to yourself, then trying to become a reality TV star is not going to fill the hole in your life.

TV is littered with the broken spirits of people who thought getting rich and famous would be a replacement for genuine love.

You’re welcome to post your own opinion. But I won’t be watching Sister Wives or patronizing My Sister Wives Closet.

[photos courtesy My Sisterwife’s Closet via Facebook]

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22 Responses to “My Sisterwife’s Closet So-Called Business Rattles ‘Sister Wives’ Season Premiere”

  1. Anonymous

    Sisterwives… Christine's idea of support is useless and immature! It's hard to believe she has made it this far as a sisterwife because she clearly is not about helping to promote or support the other wives. Maybe Robyn should give Christine a good dose of her own medicine. Christine grown up and act mature. Cody you better keep an eye on her she is very jealous of Robyn and tries very hard to act like she's not!

  2. Jackie Jordan

    Although I don't agree to their lifestyle I think they are very nice people. so lay off them please. judge not lest yes be judged.

  3. Ruthann Fike

    The jewelry is ugly and over priced. Did they say where its manufactured? My guess, China.

  4. Cathy Haley

    Totally agree with you about the show but just thought I'd point out that the Fleur de Lys is the official flower of Quebec and on their flag.

  5. Elaine Radford

    You are right but it's a reflection of our shared heritage with France. I feel for someone in Utah to take the symbol is not respectful. But it's definitely an area where I can see different opinions and arguments.

  6. Meg Mertz

    I just want to add that the fleur-de-lys isn't just a New Orleans symbol, just sayin', that other french communities in the US use it as well, there isn't a commidity on it (as someone whom lives in another place that was started by the french, st.louis, we use it as well). I love the show.

  7. Tina Lynn Brewer

    I love the show Sister Wives. You don't have to agree with it or watch it, but for me, I really enjoy watching it. It is not the life for me, but if it works for them so what? I wish them lots of luck with their jewelry and all their endeavers. I love the love in their family.

  8. Randelle Gunderson

    I am not Polygamist, but you, sir, mam, author-person are incredibly insecure. Do you also go around making derogatory comments against the LGBT community? Who cares how other people chose to love? If you watched the show without bias, you would see that they are good people. You don't have to understand polygamy or agree with it to see that they are decent. And for heaven's sake, please take an Anthropology class. Polygamy is very common in the vast majority of Africa and Southeast Asia as a formal institution and common in every society informally (at least research it).

    As for the fleur-de-lis…, really? I'm not a fan of their jewelry because it's not my style, but you're grasping at straws when you get New Orleans involved in your debate. The Brown Family Crest has fleu-de-lis all over it. (Why do you think it's a special symbol to them?) This is pretty common with many family crests, flags, and symbols throughout the world including: Bosnia, Spain, Italy, U.S., France, Canada, Finland, Netherlands, Poland, U.K…. AND the Boy Scouts of America! It's been BSA's symbol for far longer than the NO Saints have been around.

  9. Toni Fisher

    I'm sorry I have to disagree with you. They aren't nice people. When they have their dog put down because he has arthritis and is having accidents in the house. I don't consider that nice. Meri just didn't want him messing up her new house. Also I find nothing redeemable about Kody Brown. He looks for women with self-esteem issues and marries them to make himself feel better. Who else would be in that kind of relationship. We know that Robyn comes from a background where she was abused. Meri, Janelle, and Kristine have their own issues. So you are going to tell me he is a nice man when he takes advantage of women with little or no self-esteem. Really???

  10. Louise Podanoffsky

    I have watched their show since the beginning…and if you really know what that show is about, you would know that they did not move to Las Vegas to have their own houses. I love them and I love the show…and I am not a polygamist nor am I a sister wife either…I just like them….the show is good and they are good people.

  11. Chareen Hodge

    I like watching it … It's like a train wreck. Multiple wives is just crazy. How would he like it if he was one of multiple husbands? Ummmm no. It doesn't work. For them to act like they don't want Cody all to themselves and they like this lifestyle… it's just a lie. Even if they are lying to themselves.

  12. Brenda Callen

    I love it too seems like when one wife starts getting fat he gets a new one. I would like to add a husband everytime one acts like a dick

  13. Brenda Callen

    I need brother husbands to be shown where there is one wife and multiple husbands, who still can't get the honey list done, or take care of there kids, and the wife marries and new hotter one every few years

  14. Martha Carman

    What happens if one sister wife calls it quits….how would property be divided, or doespecially she leave with nothing? Would she be "shunned" as in other cults? Just asking….

  15. Cathy Ortiz-Stratton

    I wonder how all of you who are judging the Brown family, and their beliefs feel about racism and gay marriage? This is their life and so what! It works for them and they all seem very genuine, unlike some of the comments I've read of most of you "posers" . They don't judge anyone, but I can honestly say that I'm glad that none of you are friends of mine! I judge nobody!

  16. Joanne NunyaBeeswax

    I could never open their website to even look at what they sell

  17. Debbie Nanto

    From what I've seen and read, the first wife, in this case Meri, is the only "legal" wife I don't think there would be a problem with trying to divide things out. I would think that they would just pack up and leave. I'm sure that Kody or whoever the father is, would be required to pay child support. Not sure about the "shunning" since they are out of the mainstream religion. That's about all I know. Hope it answers some of your questions.

  18. Debbie Nanto

    And here it is Jan 4, 2015 and it's still not working. How do they expect to make any money if you can't see what they have to offer??

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