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Emma Roberts Is The Next Lindsay Lohan, Friends Say

Emma Roberts could be the next Lindsay Lohan, some of her so-called “friends” reportedly said.

Whenever things start to go wrong, you can always count on some of your closest companions to run screaming to the tabloids. According to a few of the young actress’ friends, Roberts is quickly heading down the well-worn path to self-destruction.

The folks at TMZ claim to have spoken to some of the Nancy Drew star’s acquaintances. These anonymous individuals said her behavior started to seriously deteriorate after she broke up with Glee star Chord Overstreet.

Following the split, Emma Roberts is said to have started partying all night and hanging out with a group of people who are reportedly into some questionable activities. These “close friends” also stated that the actress has been hitting the club scene a little harder than normal.

Sadly, none of these individuals are able to get through to Roberts since she simply won’t acknowledge her behavior. These folks also seem to believe that her recent arrest was the direct result of her hard partying.

According to Hollywood Life, Emma Roberts refused to talk to her friends about the incident involving her boyfriend. Instead, she acted as though nothing had happened.

The Aquamarine star was arrested at a hotel in Montreal after allegedly striking and biting boyfriend and American Horror Story star Evan Peters. She was later released after Peters refused to press charges against the actress.

“It was an unfortunate incident and misunderstanding. Ms. Roberts was released after questioning and the couple are working together to move past it,” a representative for the couple said in a recent statement.

The Inquisitr previously reported that Emma Roberts and Evan Peters met on the set of their movie Adult World. According to the young actor, the attraction was mutual from the get-go.

“I had a crush on her in real life, and it turns out she had a huge crush on me too so it worked out really well,” Peters said.

Do you believe that Emma Roberts could become the next Lindsay Lohan?

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