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Al Sharpton: Exploiting The Trayvon Martin Bandwagon?

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For Al Sharpton, the fallout from the Trayvon Martin shooting has projected his organization, the National Action Network, to center stage. And for Sharpton, himself, the opportunity to enjoy the high profile publicity he craves.

Sharpton, 58, is an unusual figure in the media world because he is not simply a reporter or commentator. He has his own nightly program on MSNBC which he frequently uses to promote his own political agenda. He is, often, both the observer and the story.

The Trayvon Martin case provided a golden opportunity for him to use all his many talents to the full. From helping organize the rallies, to speaking out on behalf of the Martin family, to leading delegations to the Justice Department, Sharpton was everywhere last week.

He not only reported on the news, he was the news!

He told the viewers of his TV show about the rallies, and his involvement. “I’ve said from the beginning we must pursue [this] until the end,” he said, adding, “We’ll be in 100 cities on Saturday.” He also used his program – Politics-Nation – as a platform to apply pressure on the government to arrest Zimmerman on federal charges.

This has begun to cause problems for NBC, parent company of MSNBC, as questions are asked about the propriety of Sharpton being at the center of the very news he is supposed to cover.

MSNBC president, Phil Griffin, accepted that his company had treated Sharpton differently from other hosts on the network. Indeed, the company policy is to specifically ban its workers from direct involvement in political action.

He justified the decision saying: “We didn’t hire him to be just another news host. I knew who we were hiring. He brings to our channel a different voice, and a voice who speaks about issues that are not being talked about regularly anywhere else.. . . I think having Rev. Sharpton on our air is a major plus for this network.”

But, the network baulked at Sharpton’s fundraising activities for the Martin family. Griffin says they “talked about it” and Sharpton agreed not to continue.

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86 Responses to “Al Sharpton: Exploiting The Trayvon Martin Bandwagon?”

  1. Frank Bornstein

    Look in the dictionary , look up the word Narscisus , hope I spelled it right, There is no definition for the word except there is a picture of REV. Al. his picture is under race baiter also. Ok I know its 2 words.

  2. Anonymous

    Too bad, I thought he was Sharpton was already dead.

  3. Anonymous

    Sharpton is one ugly SOB and his mouth spews poison like a snake.

  4. Anonymous

    race baiter and exploiter. and laughs at white folk all the way to the bank.

  5. Anonymous

    Hello. Don’t recognize me? That’s OK; I understand.
    My name was Antonio West. I was the 13-month old child who was shot in the face at point blank range by two black teens, who were attempting to rob my mother, who was also shot.
    I think my murder and my mommy’s wounding made the news for maybe a day, and then disappeared.A Grand Jury of my mommy's peers from Brunswick, Georgia ruled the black teens who murdered me will not face the death penalty… too bad it was me who got the death sentence from my killers instead, because Mommy didn’t have the money they demanded.
    See, my family made the mistake of being white in a 73% non-white neighborhood, but my murder wasn’t ruled a ‘hate crime’.
    Oh, and President Obama didn’t take a single moment to acknowledge my murder. He couldn’t have any children who could possibly look like me – so why should he care?
    I’m one of the youngest murder victims in our great Nation's history, but the media didn’t care to cover the story of my being killed in cold blood.

    There isn’t a white equivalent of Al Sharpton, because if there was he would be branded a ‘racist’. So no one’s rushing to Brunswick, Georgia to demonstrate and demand ‘justice’ for me. There’s no ‘White Panther’ party, either, to put a bounty on the lives of the two black teens who murdered me.
    I have no voice, I have no representation, and unlike those who shot me in the face while I sat innocently in my stroller – I no longer have my life.Isn’t this a great country?
    So while you’re out seeking ‘justice for Trayvon’, please remember to seek ‘justice’ for me. Tell your friends about me, tell your families, get tee-shirts with my face on them, and make the world pay attention, just like you did for Trayvon.

    I won’t hold my breath.
    I don’t have to anymore.

  6. Anonymous

    it's a shame some people actually crusade racial problems, for profit. another questio, what church is Mr. sharpton AND MR. jackson affliated with?

  7. Don Gregg

    Al exploits every situation, sends out fundraising letters, gets to keep a percentage (I don't know how much) but apparently makes a good living off of these poor African American youth who become victimized a second or third time… Al, Jesse Jackson and Jesse Jackson Jr have made a living off poor Black people and they don't really give a darn. By the way, why haven't we heard more about Jesse Jackson Jr and his upcoming prison sentence, oh right that would be polictically insensitive and Al and Jesse don't want to do black on black crime and Jr sure committed a crime against the black community he represented.

  8. James Richard Sackett

    al has done more to hurt the black cause than help it by his overzealous theatrical anitcs! he causes most whites to hate blacks-him and jesse! he only cares on keeping the black man down so he can get richer off the blacks and they buy into it! the black community needs to wakeup!

  9. Bob Bursley

    Sharpton is the racist. why don't he shut up and start making a honest living rather than live off from everybody else.

  10. Joe Mosley

    If Al Sharpton ever has an " ACCIDENT ".I hope it is caused by on of his own people.He was a was a wasted FUCH. He has no place in a civilized world.

  11. Denis Stephenson

    It will be a great day for the world when we read his obituary.

  12. Gary James

    Just another black racist slime bag! The so-called man of the cloth is an opportunist of the worse kind. For instigating potentially dangerous and violent rallies across the country he should be charged with hate crimes just as I would be if I even talked about it…The solution is for someone with large enough ***** in Washington to initiate IMPEACHMENT proceedings against OBAMA and ALL who follow his lead…Mr Biden, if you are really serious about a 2016 run for President YOU will be the one to challenge your boss…IMPEACH IMPEACH IMPEACH NOW!

  13. Anonymous

    I watched George Stephanopoulos this morning, and in his round table consensus two vital issues are missing (but ol' George's Libertarian values will bring this to issue): One, the media has not (refuses) shown recent Trayvon images and his FACEBOOK rants, including his "bad-nigga" attitude open-minded people know most African American males personify yet refuse to admit as their motivation; and Two, had Zimmerman been a rape victim and Travon a rapist, Florida's Stand-Your-Ground philosophy would be moot…and the Gloria Steinem's and Barbara Walters clones would say Ms. Zimmerman should have castrated Trayvon after she shot him 10 times! Wake up, America…guilt-ridden Liberals and Minorities are "coloring" an issue to perpetuate their Police State goals: Socialism and rampant crime!

  14. Anonymous

    Will Sharpton organize a rally for Antonio Santiago, the 13-month-old "white Hispanic" shot to death in his stroller? This happened in Brunswick, Georgia on March 21, 2013 when two black teenagers tried to rob the baby's mother when she didn't have any money.

  15. Joel Stockseth

    Al Sharpton uses the race card more than anyone I know. Apparently he forgot to check the facts in this case. The only injuries that Trayvon had was the gun shot wound that killed him and the bleeding knuckles he had from beating George Zimmerman. George Zimmerman had a broken nose, bruised face and lacerations to the back of his head from Trayvon slamming it onto the sidewalk. This is not a "Stand Your Ground" case, this is a self defense case and that is why George Zimmerman was acquitted. It sickens me that Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and others have made this into a race case. It also saddens me that people don't look at facts before they react. It is sad that Trayvon lost his life but, I don't think he was the innocent victim that the majority of people across this country are making him out to be.

  16. Anonymous

    He is an enterprising opportunist race baiting shakedown artist. Have him explain how the brown man shoots the black man and it's the white man's responsibility.

  17. Mike Vasilove

    The Irrelevant Al Sharpton. Snake oil salesman extraordinaire. MSNBC: More Stupid News & Bull Crap. Yes they (NBC) is treating him differently than other hosts. Imagine that. Sharpton, who would be the first to point out if he felt one group of people were being unfairly treated compared to other groups has no problem accepting the NBC position of treating him differently as it assists his agenda. No one has ever asked Sharpton or Jackson to clearly and elegantly explain the how's and why's of their destructive antagonism and why they both believe this will advance the cause of the black community overall.

  18. Tarmangani Aaron

    Why use a question mark in the headline? Of course he's exploiting this, because that's what he always does. He probably drove by multiple black on black crimes on his way to the protest.

  19. David Nelson

    Can somone please parachute this racist scumbag into Africa? Let him start his crap in Nigeria and find out how fast his butt would be in jail. And send Jesse along with him. Neither of them care anything about the poor blacks. Where is the Sharpton Scholarship Fund for underpriveleged black youths? Or the Jesse Jackson scholarship fund? That would do more good for blacks than all the racial unrest they stir up. Oh, wait. That would men their money would be going for good causes instead of lining their own pockets. Sharpton claims he has no money, and all his Brook Brothers suits are loaned to him. BS

  20. George Byrd

    Al Sharpton is sooooooo hungry for a riot….. He should be arrested for attempts to instigate riots on behalf of Trayvon. Oh! that's right he's Black so it's OK… I do not agree with the verdict, I think he should be retried (Zimmerman). However he does bring a different voice to the airwaves…..a voice of dissent, of underlying racial tensions to be brought forth at other peoples expense to pursue his own agenda of self glorification. because of the racial prejudice in this country there are always those who take advantage by exploiting those who have no voice or choose to say nothing. Sharpton is one who exploits others for his own personal enjoyment and advancement of his so-called career.

  21. Jim Terio

    Edward Eubanks – 'equal opportunity idiot'! Talk about missing the point by miles: Beck's was about loving America and unity; Sharpton is about HATE, HATE, HATE, and – oh by the way HATE!

  22. Fern Foster Totero

    They are both pimps just to keep stirring the ''RACE"problem on the front burner. Civil Rights? hardly, just a way for them to line their pockets. Jessie Jackson should have been watching what was going on under his nose with his son Jessie Jackson Jr, using millions that wasn't his money. Although, when you think about it I guess Jessie Sr taught him well.

  23. David Hume

    Trayvon supporters murdered two white males in Jacksonville, Florida, at a Golden Corral. Andrew and Bohannon are dead, from gunshots. Trayvon supporters got away free, although multiple witnesses and surveillance cameras saw the murderers. Obama and Trayvon's parents can notch their guns, they have declared open season on whites. Frankly, I think Obama has stock in gun companies. Everything he does is designed to have us buy more guns for self protection. We know we can't count on Obama for protections. Guns are all that's left. Trayvon supporters are murderers and accomplices to murders. They should all be locked up, for a long time. Start with Rev. Al Sharpton, the racist bigot who incites to riot, loot and kill.

  24. Ralph Saville

    Reverand Al nor our POS prez care about the murder of a little white child. Sharpton would have to improve alot to be considered a low-life @$$h0le. He should be staked out over a hill full of red fire ants and have honey spread on his nuts.

  25. Don Mc Kee

    AL SHARPTON: will never ever be a MLK Jr.: as much as he thinks he is. MLK had too much class for this guy and Rev, Jesse. And I am White and saying that.

  26. Anonymous

    Al Sharpton is the Jim Jones of his race; he will always have followers who are willing to drink his brand of kool-aid….

  27. Paul Schroeder

    If there is ANYONE that is a RACIST it is a toss up between Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson… they sure seem to go crazy when a black is killed by a white person, but when 2 BLACKS juveniles shoot a 13 month old white child in a stroller they don't say a word… or when the blacks kill another black it goes unnoticed…. He is one of the worst racist's around and it never stops with his vile remarks coming out of his filthy mouth…..

  28. Gloria Ferrer

    if they were both black AL wouldn't anything to bitch about most of the convits are black so what does say about his comments now AL is a snake along with jesse jackson.

  29. Anonymous

    The day will come when Rev. Sharpton will be exposed for the rabble rousing sleeze bag he is. No doubt he'll be caught in bed with multiple sex partners of an undetermined young age. Remember, even M.L. King Jr. had his stable of sluts and look at how people revere him today.

  30. Anonymous

    When Al is done with all the ralleys and pocketing thousands in cash 92 out of 100 young black homicides will have been committed by other young blacks and 73 out of one hundred black children will be born out of wedlock directlly related to the lack of leadership and exploitation by people like Al Sharpton.

  31. Richard Carpenter

    I think exploiting is an understatement, but "Shakem-Down Al" will take what he can get!

  32. Cheryl Wehr

    Why aren't they marching about other black killing other blacks?. There's more of them killing other blacks then there are white killing blacks. We don't march when a black kills a white person.

  33. RichandAnne Hillegass

    If there is some one who is slimmer, sleazier, and more of a scum-bag than that freakin' racist prick I have yet to see him! He couldn't care less about Trayvon. He's in this for some kind of personal gain.

  34. RichandAnne Hillegass

    They aren't affiliated with any church unless it's the Church of Satan! They both are dividers who are only after what they can suck up for themselves.

  35. Harvey Lain

    Jesse Jackson comes close but doesn't quite equal Sharpton.

  36. Marje Gill

    Al has Zero credibility since the Tawana Brawley fiasco. Granted it was long ago, but it was so low , I would never be able to get past it and listen to one thing he has to say.

  37. Anonymous

    I am getting sick of the anthropoids my ancestors brot over for farm help. Can we now send them back.

  38. Marie Wilkinson

    Hope everyone remembers the Tawanna Brawley incident a number of years ago when Notsosharpton was involved in a total fraud!!!

  39. Anonymous

    Every man alive &/or dead in the world are 'racists'…
    except Jesus (Heb 4:15 who was born w/o sin).

    It is IMPOSSIBLE for any man to think pure, holy, sinless, righteous thoughts 24/7, 365 days/yr. (Titus 1:15)
    But there are obviously MORE people who are LIARs & very dishonest like the Sharptons, Jacksons, Spike Lees, Holders, Black Panthers, NAACP, Barack Obama, Jamie, Foxx, Samuel Jackson, Hollywood & countless others… even those rioting.

    This was simply a self-defense action. Who wouldn't try to protect oneself if ones head is being pummeled on the concrete? Isn't this the perfect time when one is in FEAR-FOR-ONES-LIFE?

    Instead, Sharpton & all above mentioned pure racist have made it a race issue… like Obama did in all elections he won.
    How is Zimmerman a racist when he dated black Girls, baby-sat black kids & had a BLACK great grand father?

    Was Trayvon a 'CHILD" as his parents & prosecutors portrayed him? He was 17, not 9 yrs old as MSNBC deliberately has tried to deceive America. Inadmissible evidence tells us Trayvons mother KICKED Trayvon out of the house & said she KNEW Trayvon would get in this type of trouble. Trayvon was kicked out of school for fighting punching our a school bus driver, he was recalcitrant, used drugs & had a lengthy police record!
    A video surfaced where Trayvon was holding a gun, had jewelry in his hand & was counting cash while smoking a cigarette!

    Trayvon sucker-punched Zimmerman, called him a "CRACKER", was taller & stronger than Zimmerman… over powered him straddled him & used the concrete as a weapon against him.


    Looks that way. The verdict was fair & just, the jurors saw more than enough evidence to see the truth.

  40. Larry Quadrato

    Sharpton loves any race controversy that gets his face on camera. I have watched the "Reverend" on T.V. for 25 years and as of this date, have not heard him mention God or Jesus even once.

  41. Sandra Hartle

    If he is only 58, that means he was 10 when MLK died, I was 20, he has no business saying he is anything like him because he is so far from being like him that they are polar opposites. MLK was not a con man like Sharpton. Why anyone black or white pays any attention to him is beyond me.

  42. Anonymous

    Sharpton is just a total scum bag azz hole! His whole purpose in life is to keep the blacks stirred up, hating whites, and believing that the whites are screwing them! What a life! He's a Reverend? I don't think so!

  43. Anonymous

    Sharpton is a piece of CRAP! He incites, takes advantage, has NO morals or ethics & should not be a member of the human race!

  44. Billy Miller


  45. Elizabeth Gleason LaTorre

    Cheryl Wehr Just like no one protested when my dad who was a white cop that was killed by a mob of blacks in 1967… Odly the civil rights activists opened their big mouths in my dads case..Life is not fair

  46. Anonymous

    The verdict in the State versus George Zimmerman trial was legally and morally correct. The State never had a case, only innuendo and emotion. Even with the judge ruling in the State’s favor most of the time and trying to intimidate Mr. Zimmerman into testifying the jury still found the truth in the evidence, testimony, and facts of the case. The prosecution also withheld evidence, hidden, by secret passwords, encrypted data from Mr. Martin’s cell phone that would have demonstrated Martin’s true age and physical maturity, he was well built, and four inches taller than Mr. Zimmerman; he had gang tattoos, he showed gang signs, and he had pictures of a handgun. The prosecution claims it didn’t have to disclose the hidden encrypted files only provide the memory stick, a clear case of obstruction by any legal definition of the rules of disclosure.
    Why then all the uproar and death threats against Mr. Zimmerman and his family; why the assault and rape of a mentally challenged teenager by four Black youths in Orlando yelling this done was for Trayvon Martin; why the attack and assault on a white man in Georgia, again with yelling this was done for Trayvon Martin. Why the intimidations on the white community across the nation by all the riots by Black men, women, teenagers, and yes even Black children.
    There is never one reason for such irrationality. Any Black person that watched the trial from beginning to end would have to know in his or her heart that the not guilty verdict was inevitable. Why? Because as the juror B37 stated: Mr. Martin was guilty also. This part of her interview with Andersen Cooper is being cut from those that want to maintain the narrative that Mr. Martin had clean hands and was totally the victim in the altercation with Mr. Zimmerman.
    One possibility is the Black color line or My Race, Right or Wrong. Another is the fallacy that because of years of slavery Black people can’t be held accountable for deeply help racism and revenge, that acts against white people, assault, rape, and murder are somehow justified. Another is the apparent sub culture of “us against Whites” that was described by Miss Rachael Jeantel where white people are described as “crackers” of one sort or another. Another narrative is homophobia in the Black community and the alternate narrative that Mr. Martin’s manhood was challenged by Miss Jeantel’s comment that the person following him was a pedophile. He had four minutes to go home but decided to assault Mr. Zimmerman instead.
    There is no doubt that a significant part of the Black population, due to poorer economic circumstances, due to exposure and acceptability of drug use, and due to exposure to poorer role models, have very negative experiences with the law. Even Martin Luther King in one of his earlier speeches confronted the fact that Blacks were responsible for a disproportionate amount of crime, consequently a disproportionate percentage of inmates in prisons across the country. Jesse Jackson has described the feeling of relief when hearing someone running behind him turns out to be white.
    Black people need to know the truth and not be patronized by the President, the Attorney General, the NAACP, Al Sharpton, or Jesse Jackson. The truth is Trayvon Martin was not an innocent child but was a professional fighter and didn’t go home. He had four minutes to go home and he didn’t take it, instead he confronted and attacked Mr. Zimmerman. He was at least as responsible as Mr. Zimmerman for his own death. The irony upon irony is that if he had survived the gunshot wound he would have been tried for attempted 2nd degree murder and would have been convicted and spent the larger part of his life behind bars. This is the tragedy that he felt he had to defend his honor or impress his girl friend. He could have gone home but he didn’t have the humility. That’s the tragedy.

  47. Anonymous

    Mr. President. Geeesh! Way to let the country down! First you say you are for unity and then your actions are divisive. What's up with that? Sad day when the leader of the most generous and tolerant country on earth takes sides on a polarizing issue. I understand you have a mixed heritage so does the majority in the nation. There is no pure race, some may disagree, we are all combinations of generations of intermingling across the planet. On the other hand you weren’t raised in Watts or Chicago or Miami. There is a big difference in learning the values of respect and achievement from fairly well off parents and grandparents. Trayvon did not have that benefit; instead he was raised in a sub culture that glorifies racism and revenge. He was rejected by his parents and had to be raised by family members. Their guilt is not your guilt. Their shame is not your shame. His path, which is the path of many young Black youths, the path of violence, is a funnel to prison or an early grave, 99% at the hands of another Black youth on the same path. I couldn’t agree more that this is a conversation to have. But you do the country a disservice Sir, when you take sides.

  48. Anonymous

    If the media provides false information to incite violence is there a forum to sue them, individually and in total, ABC, Yahoo, NBC, CBS, and etc., for hate speech, for violating the civil rights of the citizens of this country, Black and White, Red, Yellow and Brown for conspiracy to incite violence? It is easy to see why the President, the Martins, their attorney, immoral Black preachers, and others are able to perpetuate the fraud of a child versus an adult controversy. The media’s purposeful use of a child’s picture, Martin at 12 years old, instead of his 17 year old gangsta pictures, gangsta tattoos, gangsta signs, gangsta gold crowns, i.e., teeth. When the truth comes out can our state attorney’s file suit for damages, pain and suffering, and damage to race relations, not to mention the murders and assaults and property damage done in child Travon’s name, i.e., the child picture?

  49. Joseph Stretanski

    The deplorable black on black murder statistics, the low percentage of black HS graduations and the high percentage of black single parent homes are usually swept under the rug by individuals, such as Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, who are more concerned with elevating their own racially-driven agendas than addressing the real issues at hand. The Trayvon Martin case is the most recent example of this grim hypocrisy.

  50. Anonymous

    This ''activist'' will say anything when and if he thinks will bring attention and notoriety! When is he ever out with his rhetoric when a black youth, commits, vandalism, murder and robbery, which happens to be very single day.

  51. Terry Tubb

    Quit referring to him as "Reverend." he spews forth hate, bigotry, Racist to the maximum. Just another sub human clap trap in the $$$ food chain. POS

  52. Steve Glanton

    I don't see anybody defending Al "not too Sharp"Ton. Is somebody going to step up and defend him?

  53. Anonymous

    Too bad for a once great America — any country that tolerates the existence of an Al ["I hate Whites" ] Sharpton, doesn't deserve any respect. It was nice while it lasted.

  54. Ben Maguire

    I am not a racist as some of my best friends are blacks but what I would like to know is why the whites are being blamed for something a hispanic did.and to see sharpton and jesse jackson leading these marches.where are they at when two black teens shot and killed the baby in brunswick ga, and then this pass weekend a black man shot and killed a 20 yr old white woman at her work as he was robbing her in jacksonville fl. no one is marching for them.

  55. Janet Lurker

    When is an outstanding person in the black community going to step up for all of the young black youth that are being slaughtered by each other daily and ask for this to all stop? It is a known fact that for example 10% of the population of St.Louis is black, yet 50% of the crime is black on black crime. Are you embarrassed black people? Do you think if you just turn your head it will go away? What about those fine black youths that are making straight A's in school and have a chance at college. Do you just ignore them. Not even a kudos to you kids for doing good in school and are college material. When, PLEASE when is someone going to stand up for them. It is if the moral compass of these black youth has gone off course completely. In the mean time we listen to gansta rap that speaks of killing, drugs, and the rape of their sisters in the community and it sells as this is viewed as normal. Where are you? Who are you, and when, just when will you show up. How many more black youth will die before they will be given their leader? When and why I still ask.

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