Kate Middleton: Evidence Points To A Later Due Date Than Reported

Kate Middleton: Evidence Points To A Later Due Date Than Reported

Kate Middleton may not be running past her royal baby’s due date after all.

Widely believed in the media to be due sometime between July 11 and July 14, the Duchess of Cambridge may actually be due to go into labor sometime around the third week in July, reports have shown.

One of the sources for the new information is non other than Kate’s mom, Carole Middleton. Sources say Carole told friends that the royal baby will be a Leo, meaning the baby wouldn’t be due until at least July 23, or possibly even later.

Keen readers would have noticed from the beginning that the July 13 due date seemed dubious. Telegraph reporter Richard Eden actually noted back in May that Carole was talking about the later date.

In an article about Kate Middleton’s mom returning a lost dog, Eden slipped in this note on the royal baby’s due date:

“Meanwhile, reports that Carole’s first grandchild is due to be born on July 13 appear to be wide of the mark.

“Kate Middleton’s mother has told friends that the baby will be a Leo. The dates for the star sign, whose characteristics include loyalty and ambition, are July 24 to Aug 23.”

Other signs point to the later due date for Kate Middleton. Prince William had not yet scheduled his paternity leave from the Royal Air Force, and decided to play in a polo match on what was first reported to be his wife’s due date.

Kate’s sister, Pippa Middleton, also flew to Vienna for the wedding of Caroline Sieber and Fritz von Westenholz around what was reported to be Kate’s due date.

There is also no official word from the royal palace that Kate MIddleton was ever due in mid-July. Kate and William are notoriously private and may not divulged the due date, and the off-the-record confirmations that the due date was mid-July were just a repetition of what Kate once said on a walkabout, The Daily Beast noted. The official communication from the royal palace only said the baby was to be born in July, with no due date attached.