CBS reportedly to create another Twitter feed based sitcom

Apparently, if you want to see your Twitter feed turned into a lame CBS sitcom, the key is to live with someone marginally amusing and post their every utterance to the microblogging service.

Initial feedback about the TV version of the @shitmydadsays Twitter feed (starring William Shatner) has been not immensely favorable, but it hasn’t stopped CBS from repeating the formula for another Twitter feed, this time based on a young man’s observations about his roommate, Steve. And while the @shitmydadsays Twitter account was pretty funny, this one doesn’t even seem to have that going for it.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, king of douchertainment Ashton Kutcher is on board for the project:

CBS TV Studios and Katalyst will produce the project. Andrew Waller and Mike Gagerman are the writer-supervising producers. Ashton Kutcher, who has an astounding 5.8 million followers on the popular social media site, and his producing partner Jason Goldberg, along with Karey Burke are executive producers.

Here’s a few examples of @shhdontellsteve tweets:

Steve is in his suit humming that song “Billionaire” while eating a breakfast of toasted Eggos with chocolate chips and a Redbull

Shelly stopped by. Asked Steve to put on pants. Steve: “I don’t wear pants when I’m sick. How long have we known each other?”

Steve ordered every side on the menu and 2 orders of Bacon Wrapped Asparagus: “If they wrapped your balls w/ bacon I’d order 2 of those too”

Are you interested in Twitter feed based sitcoms, or has the idea already been tapped out?