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Taylor Swift’s Biggest Fan Contest Called Off When 4chan Helps 39-Year-Old Man Win

Taylor Swift's Biggest Fan Contest Called Off When 4chan Helps 39-Year-Old Man Win

Taylor Swift’s Biggest Fan will never find out what her hair smells like.

Internet efforts from image and link-sharing sites 4chan and Reddit helped a 39-year-old “creep” named Charles Z. win the contest, beating out a contestant pool full of teen girls and other young superfans. The situation prompted the station to call off the contest.

The online voting contest had been sponsored by Boston radio station Kiss 108 FM, offering a chance for fans to create an application for voting, with the winner getting to actually meet Taylor. But users of the image-sharing board 4chan decided to crash the contest, urging voters to vote for 39-year-old Charles Z.

“My creepy 39 year old friend named Charles would like to crush all those little girls dreams(and then sniff Taylor Swifts hair cuz he’s into that) but winning instead,” the post read.

On Friday, Kiss 108 FM announced that the contest was off due to the vote rigging.

The station announced:

“Disappointingly, we have determined that the integrity of the ‘Taylor Swift’s Biggest Fan’ contest has been compromised. In accordance with our contest rules, effective immediately, the contest has been terminated. We apologize to all of our loyal listeners who have participated.”

Charles Z. got some more help in the Taylor Swift’s Biggest Fan contest when a Reddit user posted a screenshot of the 4chan thread. The post attracted more than 11,900 user votes and 450 comments within the next 10 hours.

The posts helped propel Charles Z into first place, leading to a second post to the /r/funny board on Reddit that brought 24,100 more user votes and 1,800 comments.

The radio station bore some responsibility in the failed contest. The station’s FAQ page encourages people to “vote for a contestant by visiting their unique link daily (every 24 hours).” Many saw this as an attempt to bring traffic to the site, and it also opened it up for easy vote crashing.

And 4chan took full advantage. A post on Reddit’s 4chan forum showed that a user on the 4chan board /b/ used a script to automate voting from 500 different computers around the world.

This isn’t the first time that 4chan messed with a Taylor Swift voting contest. A previous promotion said Taylor would play a concert for the school that got the most votes, so 4chan and Reddit users teamed up to vote for Boston’s Horace Mann School for the Deaf.

The school won, but rather than play the concert for an audience of deaf students Taylor Swift made a $10,000 gift to the school and each student got a free ticket to her next concert in Boston.

But with the Taylor Swift’s Biggest Fan Contest called off, 4chan may have to find a different way to help Charles Z smell the pop star’s hair.

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18 Responses to “Taylor Swift’s Biggest Fan Contest Called Off When 4chan Helps 39-Year-Old Man Win”

  1. Madison Royster

    This article was extremely biased. The internet made Charles seem worse of than he may actually be. He just wanted to meet an idol of his. All of these contests asking you to vote for people is just a popularity contest, and when something is considered "out of line" "weird" or "unfit" for society, it's erased.The popular winner is frowned upon if it's not a tween girl in the US. This makes me sick. They all had a chance, and Charles got the most votes. Big whoop. Look at the rest of us failing to meet our idols. So now we take away Charles'? No, that's just cruel and uncalled for. There is no reason to blame and punish one man for the rest of the Internets actions. Oh and by the way, it's actually inspiring to some people to know that not everything is decided by the dictionary definition of things. Looks like you missed your chance, though. Seems like Hollywood never changes… Such a shame.

  2. Ben Hancock

    this was bull shit, there wasn't any cheating going. He won the right to smell her hair fair and square. #Justice4Charles #yoloswaqq

  3. Giovanni Campanella

    Good point Madison. It might be sad but I just couldn't stop laughing.

  4. Wazir Muhammad

    so its Charle's fault 4chan and reddit voted him up to win? you are attacking this man as if he purposely sabotaged the contest to fuck teens out of their dreams when the truth is he is just a fan himself. what the fuck happened to journalism? sure I'm young and the media has been bias for decades but I remember when media outlets were paid to report the news not their venomous opinions.

  5. Cunnyl Ingus

    Right? Faggots get cowboyitus and want attention so they post screenies of scripts on Reddit.

    Reddit didn't even do anything, all the Reddit comments were people who had some big moral qualm with voting a deserving, righteous brother to the top.

  6. David Cros

    So they lied about some one "planting a virus in 500 computers around the world" just to cancel it, and must have said to them selfs "lets come up with some bs reason to cancel it" there just mad that the FAIR voting link got posted about everywhere on both thoses sites and that guy won, if it was a 39 year old woman that wanted to sniff her hair, I wonder if they would let that pass. #justice4charles —

  7. Charles Xavier

    the 500 random voting computers worldwide is a huge lie lol, it was obviously taylor who pulled chute when she got word of this and at that point the station had no choice but to cover it up for her. my question to the station is…why throw yourselves under the bus for Taylor Swift? what has she actually done for you? now your station looks like a biased garbage station that only caters to young "beautiful" people. you could have easily said "Taylor no longer wishes to go through with this contest" just tell us the truth kiss 108, don't lie.

  8. Tom Irby

    Um, no. He was a creep lol, that was the whole point.

  9. Anonymous

    Ok, so this is another story that's like, a week old… are we going to see anything NEW…

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