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Revina Garcia: Diabetic Handcuffed, Dumped On Pavement By Police [Video]

Revina Garcia

Revina Garcia, a diabetic who wears an insulin pump, rear-ended a truck in Santa Fe County, New Mexico as a result of a sudden, severe diabetic attack that left her unresponsive and close to going into a diabetic coma. What happened when the sheriff’s deputies arrived on the scene will shock you — and it was all caught on dash cam footage released Friday.

You can see the video of Revina Garcia’s arrest by clicking that button.

It’s pretty shocking. When she can’t move or open the door, deputies break in the window, drag her out, throw her on the pavement — and leave her there.

It’s Santa Fe, New Mexico, folks. Even if she wasn’t wearing a visible insulin pump — which you can see that she is — that’s dangerous.

For a diabetic undergoing a low blood sugar attack, the treatment could have been deadly. Without the proper level of blood sugar in her brain, Revina Garcia wasn’t sure what was going on. Admitting that she was lost and confused, she simply does and says nothing at all.

However, the deputies still reacted violently. Now Sheriff Robert Garcia (no known relation) has acknowledged to KOAT that he will investigate the potentially deadly incident: “In this case there was no resistance. We are looking at that very seriously.”

This case has come to light because the victim of the alleged police brutality is a diabetic. But it begs the question of whether or not the sheriff’s deputies make a practice of abusing unresisting impaired drivers.

I don’t believe that most alcoholics or other impaired individuals choose to have a disease that affects their brain any more than a diabetic does.

It also seems possible that even non-impaired drivers could sometimes be briefly immobilized and in shock after they collide with a larger vehicle.

According to Sunny Radio 965, Garcia said his officers need more training about how to tell the difference between a drunk and someone who is having a medical emergency.

Well, they could start by checking for a visible insulin pump on the woman’s hip before they assume she’s a bad guy.

But if she had been drunk — and Garcia was clearly too impaired by her illness to be safe behind the wheel — then does Santa Fe County believe they have a license to throw an unresisting suspect on the hot pavement?

It’s nice to know that maybe the next deputy will hesitate to abuse an obviously sick person in front of the dash cam. But I don’t think they should be abusing anyone.

What’s your reaction to the dash cam video of the handcuffing and pavement-dumping arrest of diabetic Revina Garcia?

[New Mexico highway photo via Wikimedia]

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44 Responses to “Revina Garcia: Diabetic Handcuffed, Dumped On Pavement By Police [Video]”

  1. Suzanne Webb

    I hope they lose their badges and get the shit beat out of them

  2. Daniel Dobbins

    She was irresponsible for driving when she knew that she could have a seizure like that. Will she stop driving? The state should take her license.

  3. Sandy Nelson

    Throw the book at them. No one should be treated like that, never mind someone with a medical emergency.

  4. Tanya Louise Neal

    Daniel, you are a Baffoon. Did you even watch the video? There was no mention of a seizure. Diabetics blood sugar can drop without warning. These police officers are fools as well as you.

  5. Kasandra Collins

    Daniel Dobbins your comments clearly show how little you know about diabetes. As a diabetic one of the major lessons that I have learned is that one cannot always predict when they might have an episode. As a type 2 diabetic It ALWAYS shocks the hell out of me when my blood sugar plummets to 45 because there is never any warning. You sir need to keep your prejudices against those with health conditions to yourself and do some research before you post something so obviously STUPID!

  6. Melissa Lynn Fitzgerald Wallen

    My husband is always worried something will happen and he will get wrong treatment…or No treatment. Of course no one should be beaten dash camera or not. This proves my point that anyone with ANY medical condition, or on mefication should wear a medi alert notice..this is the first battle. Next we need to REMIND people to look for the medic alert symbol…people r going to continue to get hurt even die..but I think awareness is the key

  7. Heather Robinson

    The police are criminals with a badge I say they should hire better police screen them they r dangerous its outragious what if that was a disabled person dam criminals I say

  8. Roxanna Rocky Alexander

    Daniel as a diabetic I have worked all my life and thank the Lord this has not happened to me but I need to work and I dont need the government to rely on . I support myself along with my husband. I hope others who need help. I would hope because of a medical situation I would have to live off thev. State. I was raised to pay. My own way in life.I do test my sugar when driving and do all I can unlike people who drink and drive

  9. Melody Leatherman Bold

    that's a training issue, I think. They need to be more aware of medical issues and how they affect driving.

  10. Tammy L Sexton

    I'm Diabetic and sympathize with her. When my blood sugar is too low I slur my words and almost pass out. This is truly a scary situation. Did they even look to see if she had a medical ID bracelet? A diabetic pump is pretty obvious. What a bunch of jackasses to treat someone like that and then to put her face down on hot pavement. I hope they lose their jobs over this one.

  11. Anita Tuggle Goolsby

    What a bunch of idiot police. I am a diabetic and when my sugar is low I have the same problems she has. What took the paramedics so long to answer the call? All those jerks need to lose their jobs.

  12. Roger Look

    Everyone of these officers should be looking a there new jobs at Taco Bell. If you can not figure the difference from drunk or diabetic medical problems you have no right to be in law enforcement. There is a big difference in how they act and how their breath smells. These officers all need charges filed against them for not providing proper and needed care to this woman. also for endangering her by leaving her on the hot payment. if the department and the state do not file the changers you will know how they really do not care about the people. Serve and Protect has went out the window.

  13. Joan Wilcox

    Ray Wood I would not say that they should get a pass but I think about how many times that officers approach a car and the person inside is unresponsive and then turns aggressive and then tries to kill the officer. I also think that they need some more training to realize when someone is drunk or when they are Ill. the other thing I think is that when some one is diabetic they should have a warning
    visible somewhere in the car or very visible on their person, I know all about the medi-alert bracelets and necklaces but when an officer is pumped up on adreneline they are not going to think to look for those items, yes they should but when fear is their survival on the job they do not think to look for a piece of jewelry, this action should employ more serious training, that when someone does not resist their actions then they need to be a little calmer themselves and that in and of itself takes training.

  14. Roger Look

    You have a need to learn about diabetic issues and the problems they can have. the diabetic sugar drop is not something you know is going to happen and in most cases they will not know it is going to happen. having worked on an ambulance for 10 years and having a wife that is brittle diabetic i deal with this often. people that do not understand these medical issue are best off reading and not commenting. when you comment like you have it just show your lack of knowledge and care about people. read, learn, become and EMT or shut up before people find you to be an idiot.

  15. Aaron Coveney

    Big tough cops, bunch of dickheads, they would never act like that here, they should be kicked off the force, even if she was drunk which she was not they didn't need to act like that, bloody thugs.

  16. Janet Sparrow-Sinclair

    These cops should be charged with obstruction of property bashing in her window. They should be charged with assault and battery for the disrespectful, abusive and I'm sure, painful treatment this woman suffered. They should be charged with neglect for taking no care nor showing any action for an obvious medical condition. I hope she sues those boys right out of a job. We don't need these bad-tempered power hungry super-heros calling the shots on Americans.

  17. Janet Sparrow-Sinclair

    Melody Leatherman Bold That's a 'training' issue? That is a human instinct kind of situation any well-bred man with any class at all would be able to surmise without any training whatsoever. if grown men don't know how to treat a woman any better than that, they need to go home to mama not back to police training.

  18. Melanie Kabance

    Kasandra Collins Amen. He is an idiot. I'm also a fairly new found diabetic and this scares me. What if down the line, I have an episode and find myself in the same situation, will I be treated that way as well? I hope she sues them. Even if she doesn't win, she would have at least made them think twice. And what if she had died, heads would roll.

  19. Daniel Dobbins

    Dawn Nelson The idiot is the person who knows they could have this seizure yet continues to drive.
    She is putting all of us at risk by driving. Are you saying that it is okay to operate a 4,000 pound car at highway speeds even though you may pass out with no warning?

  20. Daniel Dobbins

    Kasandra Collins your reply makes my point. people who have the potential to pass out with no warning should not drive. As you said "one can not always predict". The sensible thing to do is not to operate a car. The next time she passes out she might kill someone.

  21. Jen Nenoff

    Also, sir, as someone who has an actual seizure disorder, I can tell you that a) you DO NOT have to have a seizure disorder to have a seizure; it happens to people out of the blue all the time with little to no explanation as to why; b) Even while on medication it is possible to have a seizure, so though I've been seizure-free for almost two years, does that mean I shouldn't drive, since I have knowledge of my condition?

  22. Sonia Zwierzchowska Palik

    They take your license away if you can't see well enough to drive. If she is feeling just a little bad due to the insulin dropping, she should pull over. She could kill someone driving in that condition. That being said, those officers should loose their licence. Scary to think that dumb and dumber with a mean streak carry guns!!!

  23. Theresa Ross-Brown

    I have a diabetic daughter. When taken to emergency, even the medical staff didn't realize she was diabetic; they thought she was drunk.

  24. Mike Sgabellone

    I guess us humans always think "it'll be better in a minute or I'm sure I can make it there!!! The same thinking as drunk driving. By the same token she probably wasn't able to think properly. that's what people should do, is plan for disasters and then implement the plan. repetition is how the Army trains this into people . Identify the problem and then follow the teachings to survive and win the fight.

  25. Daniel Dobbins

    Yes,a responsible person with a seizure disorder or diabetes which caused one to pass out unexpectedly without warning would not drive. You all demonstrate a lack of concern for others.

  26. Daniel Dobbins

    I am saying that diabetics whose diabetes has progressed to the point that they pass out with no warning should not drive and those who do are irresponsible and self centered. This goes for any person with any medical problem that causes them to pass out or have sudden seizures. It is really a no brainer. Only an incredibly self centered person would drive when they had that type of health problem. I consider the lady in this video to be self centered and uncaring about others. You say to get educated before speaking.Please educate me about the benefits of passing out while driving. This lady caused a wreck. Fortunately no one was killed or seriously injured.

  27. Ann Johnson

    More and more cops act as thugs with a badge. They were the ones who never made the football team in high school, or were able to date a woman, so they now have a power trip when they pull someone over. I hope all of them are fired and that Ms. Garcia sues, so that these cops have to cost the county for their dumb actions.

  28. Bryan Terrill

    so does this mean obese people shouldn't drive because they are at risk for a heart attack…. people who are underweight shouldn't drive because they could die while driving from being malnourished… people with family history of seizures or mental conditions shouldn't drive because that puts them at risk of developing them… your nuts dude!! the only no brainer is you!!

  29. Daniel Dobbins

    Bryan Terrill Your examples are invalid. Everyone will die,some few of us will die unexpectedly while driving.That is unpredictable But a person who has a known medical condition that is reasonably expected to cause sudden,unexpected incapacitation,as this woman clearly has, should not drive. This woman selfishly puts every other person on the road around her at risk.I guess she feels that the convenience of driving is more important than the safety of the other people on the road. How self centered is that ? This is not hypothetical;she has already passed out and caused a wreck.The state should take her license.

  30. Daniel Dobbins

    It is spelled buffoon by the way, only a true buffoon would spell it baffoon.

  31. Frank Ney

    Anita Tuggle Goolsby I would bet that the medics weren't called until long after, and only to cover the deputy's ass. But it could be worse: You could have a stroke on the side of the road in Florida and spend 36 hours in a jail cell pissing and shitting yourself before someone gets a clue and sends you to the ER, way too late, and you could die three months later.

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