iPhone Charger Electrocution

iPhone Electrocutions Continue, Second Person Zapped In China

Ten days ago, a man in China was the victim of iPhone electrocution, and now he’s laying in a coma inside a Beijing hospital’s Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

According to a Beijing Wan Bao report posted on July 18 the man was shocked while attempting to charge his Apple iPhone.

As the iPhone electrocution occurred, the man was heard yelling “I’m getting shocked.”

The victim’s sister says the iPhone 4 didn’t appear to be the problem. Instead, the man was using a third-party knockoff charger.

The electrocution didn’t end until the victim’s sister ran over to the charger and unplugged it from the wall. According to the man’s sister:

“I then felt needle-like pains on my fingertips. The current was running from my finger, through to my arm and body, and to the foot.”

As she looked down, her brother was convulsing and foaming from the mouth.

An ambulance arrived a short time later, and the victim was given CPR after he stopped breathing. Doctors managed to revive the iPhone electrocution victim, but 10 days later he was still in a coma.

The man’s doctor said it “was no doubt an electric shock.”

Several days ago, we reported that a Chinese stewardess was killed after being electrocuted by an iPhone device. The stewardess, however, was answering calls on her iPhone 5 at the time. In the original report, it was also suggested that a third-party iPhone charger was being used.

Family Claims Woman Died From iPhone Related Electrocution

With iPhone electrocutions occurring at an alarming rate, I’m going to suggest that buyers stay away from cheap Chinese manufactured iPhone chargers.