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Rihanna Unveils Gray Hair On Instagram [Photo]

Rihanna recently unveiled her new gray hair on Instagram.

Although the “Diamonds” singer wanted to vomit when she saw Nicole Richie’s grayish-white hair earlier this year, apparently it didn’t stop her from tackling a very similar style.

According to the The Huffington Post, Rihanna recently debuted her new head of gray hair with a post on Instagram. The singer dyed her blonde hair back to black before highlighting the ends with a bit of frost.

“New color ice grey ish, call it #Brrr,” she wrote. “Grey is the new black! Blondies, it’s quiet for y’all!”

The decision to dye her hair frosty white is a little strange given her reaction to Nicole Richie’s hairstyle at this year’s Met Gala event. Rihanna must have had a serious change of hear over the past few weeks.

“This b**** makes me throw up!” the singer posted on Twitter. Months later, Rihanna has essentially stolen the controversial look and made it her own.

“I can’t tell if Rihanna’s comment about Nicole Richie was a compliment or an insult,” Richie wrote after learning of the singer’s complaint about her gray hair.

The Los Angeles Times reports that Nicole Richie and Rihanna aren’t the only ones who have decided to go gray. Fashion Police host Kelly Osbourne also rocked a head full of gray hair not too long ago. Hopefully she didn’t make the “Diamonds” singer sick too.

What do Rihanna fans think of her new look? You can find some tweets about the gray hair below. As you can tell, not everyone is impressed with her frosty appearance.

Here’s the photo that got everyone’s attention.

Rihanna New Look

What do you think about Rihanna’s gray hair?

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