Texas Woman, Neola Robinson, Kills Husband And Buries His Body In Front Yard

A Texas woman has been charged with murder for allegedly killing her husband and burying his body in the front yard.

Neola Robinson’s husband, Ervin ‘Shorty’ Robinson, went missing in June 2010. The 62-year-old woman went into the machine shop he worked at that month and said that he was gone. She claimed that he packed up his belongings and left in late May.

A month before Ervin Robinson disappeared, Neola Robinson was at a bar with a friend and told her that she was going to kill him. She didn’t want her husband to come home “because if he does he’s going to be missing some body parts, or I’m going to kill him. I don’t care if I go to prison.”

The couple’s problems began when Neola Robinson was hurt in a car accident in 2009. She stopped working and became jealous of her husband’s female friends.

Police got a warrant to search the Texas woman’s home in June 2010 and even found dried blood in her bathroom. However, the blood sample was contaminated and there was no body.

Ervin Robinson’s daughter, Crystal Robinson, was surprised she wasn’t arrested then. “I stood across the street while cadaver dogs went over the property. And nothing,” she said.

Crystal Robinson even admitted that Neola Robinson made disturbing comments about her father in the past. “She joked at times that if he ever left her, she would hang him from a tree in the front yard or feed him to hogs because she was from Alabama.”

On Saturday, Ervin Robinson’s remains were found in the front yard of his home and Neola Robinson was arrested and is currently sitting in Tarrant County Jail. She is being held on $150,00 bail.

What do you think should happen to Neola Robinson if she is convicted of killing her husband?

[Image via Shuttershock]