'Batman Arkham Origins' drops a Copperhead trailer

‘Batman: Arkham Origins’ Drops New Trailer Featuring Copperhead [Video]

Batman: Arkham Origins has dropped a new trailer featuring Copperhead!

Warner Bros. Games Montreal has their work cut out for them, but it looks like they have nothing to worry about. They are trying to make the game play as close to the last two Arkham games as possible in a much larger open world of Gotham City.

Batman won’t know the Joker or Catwoman yet, but this game promises to get them acquainted for the first time in the game’s story. Batman: Arkham Origins will be where Batman’s super hero journey begins as the greater villains challenge the dark knight in ways he has never dealt with before. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Batman will be much more arrogant, having only dealt with mob gangsters and small-time criminals before. He will be cocky and not entirely ready for the higher echelon being introduced via a bounty on his head from the Black Mask.

Among the assassins now after Bruce Wayne’s alter ego for a nice chunk of change are Deathstroke, Deadshot, and Copperhead. Copperhead was first apprehended by Batman with assistance from Batgirl, which makes us wonder if she won’t make an appearance in Batman: Arkham Origins, even if only as Barbara Gordon. After escaping from his imprisonment, Copperhead wore a snake suit fitted with mechanisms that constricted his victims to death, becoming much more deadly than his previous identity as a simple thief.

Copperhead is known for being singlehandedly obsessed with the target, thinking of nothing else if it isn’t relevant to the pursuit. This means you might be able to trick Copperhead into a trap using yourself as bait while the assassin hunts you down.

The latest incarnation, as revealed in the Batman: Arkham Origins Copperhead reveal trailer, is a woman, a member of the Secret Society of Super Villains, who wears a snake suit but doesn’t use any mechanized appendages. The trailer shows her escaping her own questioning by killing her interrogator after he mistakes her villain identity for a man.

'Batman Arkham Origins' will feature Copperhead
‘Batman Arkham Origins’ will feature Copperhead

With enemies like this, Batman will need to be on his toes as he learns to deal with a whole new level of crime in Batman: Arkham Origins.

Are you excited to play Batman: Arkham Origins? What do you think of the Copperhead reveal trailer?