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Motorbike Crashes Into Camaro At 70Mph, Biker Lands On Roof [Video]

A biker riding his motorcycle collided with a Camaro at 70 miles per hour, landed on the automobile’s roof, survived and managed to catch the entire incident unfold on his camera.

The unnamed rider, who hails from Florida, didn’t break any bones or suffer any injuries during the ordeal, and managed to remarkably walk away from the crash.

He has since uploaded the footage he captured of the accident onto YouTube, and you can watch it above. The rider’s YouTube account is JeanClaude14602, and he even added a small blurb recanting the incident.

The man was apparently in the process of driving three hours south for work, and after stopping for some lunch in Cedar Key, Florida, which is located on the Gulf coast, he started his journey again, but he soon came into contact with the Camaro.

The rider goes on to state that the car slowed down without breaking, which meant that he was unable to see any break lights to warn him of the impending collision.

However he doesn’t blame it all on the driver as he goes on to admit that he wasn’t aware of his surroundings, and that just before the crash he was actually looking over to his right, rather than concentrating on the road.

Seconds before he hit the Camaro, the rider examined how he could escape unharmed, knowing full well that he wasn’t going to be able to bring his bike to a stop in time. With a parked truck and a telephone poll to his right, and oncoming traffic to his left, he attempted to skim the roof of the car, which he just about managed.

He goes on to state that he visited a hospital, had some x-rays and discovered that nothing was broken, but he does note that he was limping for a week and a half after the ordeal. The rider confided that the next mode of transport he will be purchasing, will probably be a car.

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