Mexican coke tastier

Mexican Coca-Cola Is Tastier Than Its American Counterpart, Apparently

A version of Coca-Cola produced in Mexico has become so popular in some sections of New York that it is outselling its American counterpart.

The US version uses a cheaper sweetner in its production of the beverage, a high-fructose corn syrup, whilst the Mexican drink is made with real cane sugar, and now those who produce it say it is a “purer” soda as a result, and you can taste the difference.

American Coke is blighted by US regulations, which mean that because of government imposed importation laws it makes it ridiculously expensive to produce the Mexican drink over the border.

The Mexican version has become so popular that a Facebook page with over 10,000 fans has been dedicated to it. The fan page simply brags, “It’s better,” before confidently encouraging, “Ask anyone.”

Before 1985, American Coca-Cola was produced in the same manner as its Mexican counterpart, however the company then decided to switch it for the inferior ingredient due to a government subsidy for corn farmers which made it much lower in price to produce.

In Williamsburg, Brooklyn, supporters of the drink have even been known to pay around $3.50 for the bottle.

The owner of a store in the borough, Adalis Velez, who runs La Gringa, stated, “Our customers actually love Mexican Coke. At first I thought it was just the hype or the nostalgia of the glass bottle, but after drinking it I realized there was something to all the madness. For me, it’s smoother, sweeter and colder.”

Another store proprietor in the region, Great Dana, the owner of Taco Chulo, revealed she has only stocked Mexican Coke since her restaurant opened eight years ago.

She noted, “The Mexican coke craze has been sort of recent. But it’s definitely become more of a thing that people ask for. It’s more of a trendy item, if you could say that about a Coke.”

Can you taste the difference between the two beverages?

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