Marijuana Pipe Found in Burger King Kid's Meal Discovered By 4-Year-Old's Grandfather

Marijuana Pipe Found In Burger King Kid’s Meal

A marijuana pipe found in a Burger King Kid’s Meal has left one BK restaurant with a lot of explaining to do. According to a Wednesday report from, the pipe was left in the bag of a kid’s meal that went to a 4-year-old boy in Michigan.

Dundee Police said that a 23-year-old employee confessed to placing the pipe in the box to hide it while working and “didn’t mean to give it out.” Chief David Uhl noted that the family lives in the Detroit suburb of Warren and were in the area for a visit to Splash Universe water park.

The child’s grandfather picked up the food on Tuesday night. Upon realizing what they had in their possession, they notified authorities, who arrested the employee and two friends, ages 18 and 20. The trio are awaiting charges.

(No word on whether the Home of the Whopper has canned the employee yet.)

The marijuana pipe found in a Burger King Kid’s Meal isn’t the only strange thing that fast food restaurant patrons have found in their orders in recent history.

Earlier this month, Taco Bell customers picking up food at the drive-through discovered that along with their gorditas, they found several bags of money.

Apparently, the family had seen the movie No Country for Old Men and realized that these types of things never turn out well, so they returned the money.

Upon doing so, however, they found that the surprise wasn’t drug money but the restaurant’s daily earnings. They did the right thing anyway and gave it back to the cashier, who reportedly started crying out of happiness.

(Guilty much?)

Also, in June, Burger King dropped the ball again, sending out a woman’s hamburger with a razor under the bun. Yolanda Orozco, 46, told she took a bite, “checked for onions and then I saw a razor blade in there.”

More on that nasty little tale right here:

California Woman Finds Razor Blade In Burger King BurgerOther than the marijuana pipe found in the Burger King Kid’s Meal, what’s the craziest thing you’ve ever heard that made it out of the kitchen and onto the table? Share your thoughts below.

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