Oprah Long-Lost Sister Story About Patricia Lloyd Resurfaces

Oprah Long-Lost Sister Story About Patricia Lloyd Resurfaces

Oprah’s long-lost sister story about Patricia Lloyd has resurfaced in the light of Lindsey Lohan agreeing to talk to Oprah.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Lindsey Lohan is receiving $2 million for this Oprah interview. Lindsey Lohan’s mother says Oprah is mentoring her daughter.

Oprah will be interviewing Lindsey Lohan for the first time after rehab. The reality documentary style interview will be broadcast in eight sections on the Oprah network.

Oprah’s Long-Lost Sister

Patricia Lloyd is Oprah’s long-lost sister but that story first surfaced over two years ago. Oprah’s mother Vernita Lee revealed that Oprah’s long-lost sister Patricia had been given up for adoption when just a newborn. Oprah’s sister lived in foster care until she was adopted at age seven into a family living in Milwaukee.

This was Oprah’s reaction to finding out she had another sister:

“Imagine my shock right before Thanksgiving that I had another sister living just 90 miles away in Milwaukee.”

Oprah’s long-lost sister did not attempt to benefit from her famous relationship. Another one of Oprah’s sisters, Patricia Lee, sold the story for $19,000 to The Nation Enquirer. Patricia Llloyd, on the other hand, wanted to keep family business private and used the proper legal channels to discover she shared the same mother as Oprah Winfrey.

Patricia Llloyd attempted to make contact directly with her mother directly and failed. She even asked for help from the pastors of their churches. Eventually, Patricia Lloyd contacted some members of Oprah Winfrey’s extended family and managed to put together a family reunion.

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