PlayStation 4 adapter to work with PS3 wireless headset, Xbox One not so lucky

PlayStation 4 Adapter To Work With PS3 Wireless Headset, Xbox One Not So Lucky

The PlayStation 4 will have an adapter to work with the PS3 wireless headset!

If Microsoft executives aren’t head-desking over this news, it could be that they realized their mistake and are planning to follow suit, but they aren’t telling anybody about it. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the Xbox One had been said to include a headset in the packaging, only to have Microsoft deny it later and say it will not be included.

Score another one for Sony, as the PlayStation 4 will now be getting an adapter which will allow integration with the PS3 wireless headset. Sony knows that in crowded situations you can’t depend on a piece of technology over five feet away to not only recognize your voice but also allow you to hear what others are saying in the game. Not every household is a quiet one, and headsets are the most practical way to deal with that.

This isn’t to say the PlayStation 4 won’t come with a bundled solution, as it takes a queue from Apple’s iPod and includes a mono headset in earbud form in the box.

Xbox One does not yet have a headset solution in the package, and Microsoft has not confirmed or denied an adapter in the works to allow the console to be compatible with the Xbox 360 headset. Apparently despite the Xbox One being $100 more than the PlayStation 4, Microsoft wants you to buy the headset separately.

Scumbag Xbox One headset meme
Scumbag Xbox One headset meme

According to Gameranx, the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will both be available for the public to play at this week’s San Diego Comic-Con, giving gamers first-hand experience with both consoles before they launch. However, if Xbox One continues in the direction Microsoft is taking it, the PlayStation 4 will most likely win this console war by default.

The headset issue is only one more win for the PlayStation 4 as the console launches close in, as it launches at a lower price and includes an earbud headset in the box, with an optional adapter to work with the PS3 wireless headset.

Are you excited to be able to use the PS3 wireless headset on your PlayStation 4?