Virtual Halo: Reach armor now on sale, $5 a pop

If you didn’t already know, I regard buying virtual clothes and props for your little Xbox Avatar is sillypointless the death-knell for all humanity.

But look, I’m not here to judge. If you choose to buy one of the five Halo: Reach armor outfits now available for your Avatar on Xbox Live Marketplace, that’s fine. What’s that? They’re $5 each? Ahahahahaha. Scrap everything I just said, you need your head checking.

Seriously though, this is a pretty cunning move by Microsoft. You can already unlock a bonus Avatar helmet in Halo: Reach – I know because half my damn friends list is wearing it – so quite a few peeps will be tempted to get the matching armor. Clever girl.

Anyway, here’s a list of the different types of armor on sale – they’re 400 Microsoft Points each, and you can see/read more about them here:

– Carter SPARTAN 259 Armor
– Emile SPARTAN 239 Armor
– Jorge SPARTAN 052 Armor
– Jun SPARTAN 266 Armor
– Kat SPARTAN 320 Armor

[Xbox Live Marketplace, via Joystiq]