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‘Kick-Ass 2’ Director Jeff Wadlow Will ‘Go Fast’ With Sony Pictures

Kick-Ass 2 director Jeff Wadlow is set to direct Go Fast for Sony Pictures.

The filmmaker is already attached to write the X-Force for 20th Century Fox. However, this isn’t stopping Wadlow from lining up a few other projects in the meantime.

While he’s waiting for Kick-Ass 2 to hit theaters next month, Jeff Wadlow will stay busy with the upcoming Sony Pictures action flick Go Fast. Penned by xXx scribe Rich Wilkes, the film tells the story of DEA agents and the incredibly fast speedboats they use to track down criminals.

According to Deadline, Broken Road’s Todd Garner will produce Go Fast for Sony Pictures. Given Universal’s success with the Fast and Furious franchise, the studio is no doubt hoping to capitalize on the adrenaline junkie market.

The Kick-Ass 2 director was also recently tapped to help out with the X-Men spin-off movie X-Force for the boys and girls at 20th Century Fox. The Hollywood Reporter explains that Wadlow will tackle the script on the flick. However, there is a possibility that he will direct the project as well.

The filmmaker has been staying pretty busy since wrapping production on Kick-Ass 2. Wadlow also penned two episodes of the hit drama Bates Motel for A&E and is currently writing an adaptation of Bloodshot for Sony Pictures.

Those who are planning to attend this year’s San Diego Comic-Con will be able to catch the Kick-Ass 2 panel that’s slated for the weekend. Jeff Wadlow and several cast members from the upcoming sequel are expected to make an appearance at the annual convention.

The follow-up to Matthew Vaughn’s violently hilarious superhero flick stars Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Chloe Grace Moretz, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Morris Chestnut, John Leguizamo, Donald Faison, and Jim Carrey. Look for the film to arrive in theaters on August 16.

Are you looking forward to Kick-Ass 2? What do you think about Jeff Wadlow handling directing duties on the upcoming action flick Go Fast?

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