Daunte Culpepper

Daunte Culpepper Loses Florida Home To Bank Repossession

Daunte Culpepper, the former NFL quarterback, has reportedly lost ownership of a home in Florida in lawsuit brought against the star a few weeks ago.

It is knows that Culpepper purchased the house for around $3.5 million,= shortly after he was signed by the Miami Dolphins in 2006. The county records show that the house, which was huge at almost 10,000 square feet, was surrendered by Daunte Culpepper as part of the foreclosure case.

The South Florida Business Journal reported that, even though Culpepper owns another large property in the nearby suburb of Weston, the bank involved in repossessing the house said there is an outstanding debt in excess of $3 million.

The SunTrust bank voluntarily dismissed the lawsuit itself earlier this month, meaning that the former NFL star will be pursued for damages on his other owned property in Weston.

When he bought the repossessed house back in 2006 for $3.67 million, he took out a $2.93 million mortgage to fund the transaction.

Culpepper hasn’t played in the NFL since 2009 when he was quarterback for the Detroit Lions. Although he did play for a UFL team in 2010, he is now retired, albeit unofficially.

Daunte Culpepper, 36, played for the Sacramento Mountain Lions in the UFL but enjoyed a successful career in the NFL having been drafted the 11th overall in the 1999 NFL draft by the Minnesota Vikings. He started back in college where he played at the University of Central Florida.