Miley Cyrus Defends Justin Bieber Says She Loves His Shirtlessness And Sexy Faces

Justin Bieber Gets Miley Cyrus’ Hilarious But Well Meaning Support

Justin Bieber’s longstanding friendship with Miley Cyrus may mean she understands him better than most.

The 20-year-old, who is currently in London to promote her new single “We Can’t Stop,” defended the Canadian teen in a Thursday interview with BBC Radio 1’s Nick Grimshaw.

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“[It’s like] Bieber, don’t do that. Bieber, you’re going to end up behind bars,” Cyrus said, referring to his sometimes flirty fun with fans and criticism of the 19-year-old, most recently for urinating in a mop bucket and venting at a photo of Bill Clinton in a New York City venue — for which he later apologized.

Cyrus continued:

“Bieber, don’t do that sexy face,” she added, laughing. “I can’t walk through LAX with no top on. I wish I could pull that off. I love that he does that. The only thing you can do is take your shoes off going through security in an airport.”

The ‘twerking-loving’ star and Bieber were romantically linked last month after they were spotted at various venues and visiting each others’ homes.

However, Cyrus quickly shut down that rumor during a guest spot on Washington, D.C’s Hot 99.5′s The Kane Show, declaring: “‘I’m engaged! I’m engaged. That is impossible.”

It’s since been revealed both singers are featured vocalists on the upcoming, new single by rapper Lil Twist, titled “Twerk.”

Asked on Radio 1 for her thoughts on Justin’s persistent shirtlessness and whether he could be at risk of a cold, Cyrus quipped back:

“You know what – beauty is pain. All the 12-year-old girls, they are paying for that. Let them see his personal trainer’s work.”

Justin Bieber's Toplessness Supported By Miley Cyrus

The “Can’t Be Tamed” singer’s affection for artists who walk on the wild side also extended beyond Bieber.

Revealing Grace Jones was her idol, Miley complimented the maverick legend’s relaxed attitude to time-keeping.

“I’m always late. Even today I was rushing, putting different sunglasses in my bag, trying to decide on the colour of my nails and which ring to wear. I’m not too bad usually; I just have so much going on, ” Cyrus confessed.

“I watched this interview with Grace Jones the other day and she says, ‘I have no concept of time’. So now she’s my role model and I have adopted that motto,” she went on. “Grace is the best.”

Fans of Bieber will likely be pleased to hear of Cyrus’ support for the heartthrob.

One such fan recently reported for Huffington Post on the significant amount of positive, charitable work the pop star does for others.

What’s your opinion on Bieber’s “sexy face” shirtlessness. An expression of youthful freedom or blatant vanity?

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Justin Bieber Gets Support From Miley Cyrus

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