Inferno adaptation with Ron Howard and Tom Hanks

‘Inferno’ Adaptation Will Pair Ron Howard And Tom Hanks

Inferno, the film adaptation of Dan Brown’s novel will team up director Ron Howard and Tom Hanks.

The film is part of the Da Vinci Code series, which also included Angels and Demons both of which have Hanks playing the main character Robert Langdon.

Inferno has already hit the best selling list and now Sony has announced that they will adapt it for the big screen.

On Tuesday, the studio announced that Sony has set a release date of 2015 for the film.

Tom Hanks plays symbologist, professor Robert Langdon who has different objectives throughout the series.

The Hollywood Reporter says that Ron Howard will once again return to direct Hanks as he did for Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons.

Sony has previously announced that it had started developing an adaptation of the 2009 novel in the series, The Lost Symbol, but it has apparently put that on hold in favor of Inferno.

Even though the character Robert Langdon is present in all the novels, the stories are not consecutive.

The film will have a screenplay by David Koepp, who wrote Angels and Demons.

Director Ron Howard is also working on the racing movie Rush, which comes to theaters in September.

Some believe that Howard did away with The Lost Symbol because it’s basically a National Treasure version by Dan Brown. This could be a smart decision.

Back in May, author Dan Brown said he had not doubt that Inferno would be made into a movie, it’s a classic Robert Langdon adventure, more so than Symbol.

The movie is set in Florence and elsewhere in Europe.

At that point The Lost Symbol had gone through four screenplays, including one from Brown.

“It’s a very complicated plot,” he said of Symbol,about a kidnapper in Washington, D.C., who uses Masonic symbols as clues.

In Inferno, Langdon deals with coded artwork. Ron Howard and Tom Hanks have collaborated in several projects.