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Eddie Franklin, son of Aretha, ‘savagely’ beaten at Detroit area gas station

Eddie Franklin, the 52-year-old son of songstress Aretha Franklin, underwent emergency surgery after he was beaten at a Detroit gas station by three unknown attackers.

Detroit police say that information regarding the incident is scarce, no surveillance video of the attack was available, and that by the time they arrived at the hospital to interview Franklin he had already “checked himself out.” Witnesses say two males and a female attacked the singer’s son, and that the woman of the group was reportedly in her very late teens and had dreadlocked hair.

Police made a say there are no leads in finding who is reponsible for the attack of what motives they may have had:

We’re waiting for him to file a police report,” Detroit Police Sgt. Eren Stephens said. “When our officers went to talk to him at the hospital, he had already checked himself out and left…”

“We have nothing at all,” Stephens said.

An “acquaintance” of Franklin’s reportedly found the singer’s son at the gas station in northwest Detroit, brought him to the hospital and reported the incident to police.

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