Suits season premiere, Patrick J. Adams, Meghan Markle.

‘Suits’ Season Premiere: Patrick J. Adams And Meghan Markle [Spoilers]

Spoilers: If you haven’t watched the Suits season premiere stop right here. We do not recommend you keep reading.

Suits stars Patrick J. Adams and Meghan Mackle talked to EW about what took place in the season premiere on Tuesday and what the audience can expect from the following episodes.

Things are still tense between Harvey (Gabriel Macht) Mike. The latter goes to Rachel’s and she told him she’d never expose him to the firm, but if he wanted to be with her, he had to quit.

Markle explains that her bedroom scene with Adams is not all that it seemed to be. She had underwear rigged on her which viewers couldn’t see. She explains that her and Adams have a great relationship off-screen.

“We’re really good friends. Once you develop a comfort level with someone, that translates on camera.” explains Markle.

Patrick J. Adams adds, “We just dove in. Especially that scene in the bed. We were both just like, ‘Great. Let’s hit it. What do you need to be comfortable? What can I do? What’s the best way to shoot it?'”

The actor says they tried to make it work however they could so that the nervousness and that timidness wasn’t there anymore. He says the audience is going to see that throughout the whole relationship this season.

Adams added that both he and Markle have been talking to the writers and asking them not to rush with the relationship because it’s an important one.

Markle said, that the audience will get to meet Rachel’s mom this season, when Mike comes for dinner. She adds that it’s funny to do the meeting of the parents.

Rachel is trying to figure out how she can love him without being resentful of the fact that he has everything she wants.

Mike and Jessica don’t have a lot of time together, which emphasizes how far Mike has come. Jessica and Harvey are at war this season, but in the next episode there is some great stuff between Mike and Louis.

Adams adds that the show is ultimately about Harvey and Mike,

“And them finding their way back to each other and figuring out how they’re gonna work best together. That’s gonna change this season, just because Mike has matured quite a bit from who he was in the first two seasons, and so has Harvey in a lot of ways.”

You can watch the new season of Suits on Tuesday nights only on USA.

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