Bench warrant issued for Lindsay Lohan’s arrest

Probation for former child star Lindsay Lohan has been revoked, and a judge in her case has issued a bench warrant for her arrests after it was revealed that she tested positive twice for drug use since she was released from jail.

The precise dates of the positive tests aren’t known, but it is said that Lohan’s results came up once for cocaine and once for amphetamine use. While the actress has a prescription for Adderall, an amphetamine, cocaine use is a definite violation of the terms of her probation. According to MTV, Lohan’s judge discovered her probation violation on gossip site TMZ:

Lohan has been ordered to appear in court Friday morning, which means that, although the warrant was issued Monday, it will be held until she comes before Judge Elden Fox or executed should she fail to appear. The gossip outlet claimed that the revocation came after Fox read about Lohan failing a drug test — the site has claimed she actually failed two recent tests — on TMZ.

If Judge Fox acknowledges the failure of both drug tests, Lohan could receive 30 days in jail for each slip up. She previously served 13 days of a her original 90 day sentence before heading to rehab.