Amanda Bynes Record Contract

Amanda Bynes Offered $200,000 Advance For Record Deal

The executives at Chinga Chang Records are so serious about producing an Amanda Bynes album that they have upped their offer to include a $200,000 advance.

The company originally made an offer to the mentally deteriorating actress but then rescinded that offer. Daniel Herman of Chinga Chang Records tells Radar Online that the company has increased the original bonus from $150,000 to $200,000.

The advance isn’t a loan but rather a “guarantee” for Bynes.

According to Daniel:

“I would have to be an idiot to not do everything in my power to create a classic album with her. It’s not about being more gangster than Drake, it’s about representing the culture and having the ability to make better music than him.”

As you may recall, Amanda Bynes has a rocky history with Drake. On Twitter, she has proclaimed her love for the rapper when then turning around to complain about his “ugly face.”

Radar Online has obtained an offer letter in which Daniel apologizes for their differences in vision and for “making the artist feel uncomfortable.”

Chinga Change Records is so serious about its Amanda Bynes record deal that she has been offered a 50/50 split of gross record sales for her debut LP.

Amanda Bynes’ attorney Gerald Shargel received the letter and responded by promising to “get this to her asap.”

Daniel originally fell out of favor with Amanda Bynes after he met with Wyclef Jean about the album. According to Daniel:

“Meeting with Wyclef and discussing Amanda’s album was like a dream come true but upsetting Amanda crushed me. I let me immaturity get the best of me and I apologize to Amanda.”

Amanda Bynes has said she would now prefer to work with Waka Flocka Flame.

Do you think Amanda Bynes can release an album that is on par with the work Drake has been producing over the last few years?