pittsburgh playground knife threats

6-Year-Old Pulls Knife In Playground iPod Theft

A 6-year-old child in Pittsburgh has been accused of threatening another youngster of the same age with a knife. The incident reportedly initiated over an iPod while the children were at a local playground. One of the 6-year-old children is accused of pulling out a Swiss Army knife and telling the other child to turn the portable music player over. The second child, in a likely state of fear, readily gave up the iPod.

When the alleged victim got home, he told his parents what had occurred at the playground. It is currently unclear if the supposed victim was left unsupervised at the Pittsburgh park. The child was not injured during the alleged Swiss Army knife threatening. Police officers do not currently plan to file charges against the 6-year-old accused of pulling the knife but are instead working with both families to resolve the issue.

Pittsburgh Police Department Lt. Shirley Sloan had this to say about the playground knife incident:

“If that young man would have refused, we don’t know if that 6-year-old would have threatened him or cut him to get the iPod from him.”

The police officer also added that law enforcement investigators are more cautious when dealing with youngsters. She noted officers are not letting their guard down when approached by even young children and they know to be on the alert and keep their eye on even the littlest of citizens. During another recent and unrelated incident, a Pittsburgh police officer was allegedly attacked by another 6-year-old.

The knife-wielding 6-year-old child accused with possessing the knife at the playground has reportedly been disciplined by his mother. The shocking incident happened at a playground on Mount Pleasant Road in the Northview Heights neighborhood.

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