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Kanye West Sitcom Pilot Emerges [Video]

A video has emerged on Youtube of Kanye West’s failed sitcom pilot for HBO, which never aired, and the rapper has been roundly criticised for his performance.

The 36-year-old, who last month celebrated the birth of his daughter with reality TV star Kim Kardashian, hoped to become a star of the small screen with his TV effort, which was obviously heavily inspired by Curb Your Enthusiasm.

He even told the director of the project that he was the “black Larry David,” in homage to the lead actor of the comedy series. The video was uploaded to Youtube by the actress, Alison Quinn, however it previously went unnoticed for over three years.

The “All Of The Lights” singer attempts to derive humor from the pronunciation of his name, with his scenes revolving around a Make-A-Wish child who Kanye finds out doesn’t like his music and calls West “Kenny.”

West’s HBO pilot was directed by Larry Charles, who worked on Curb Your Enthusiasm, and Charles stated that the first remark West made to him was to call himself the “black Larry David.”

Charles stated in a 2008 interview, “That’s the first thing he said to me. So it’s like a Kanye and Curb show, it’s kind of improvised about the situations and stuff. He’s so much funnier than people realise. Even the whole being full of himself stuff is a joke to him and he likes to play that of being like, you know, Kanye.”

However, Kanye West’s unnamed pilot was eventually scrapped by HBO, after one executive for the renowned production company, which has produced the likes of The Sopranos, Game Of Thrones, and Sex and the City, labelled it as “too hardcore.”

Kanye West is set to cameo in the sequel to the 2004 comedy, Anchorman, which is released later this year and stars Will Ferrell as Ron Burgundy.

Do you think Kanye West is a good actor?

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