Chuck E Cheese Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Song Leads To Chuck E Cheese Brawl [Video]

A fight erupted at a Chuck E Cheese in Long Island over the weekend, as two warring mothers looked to pummel each other despite the presence of their children.

A woman who was still holding her baby even managed to punch another female square in the face despite the fact she had even offspring in her arms, whilst around six or seven other ladies then jumped into the action, whilst their own children attempted to stop the altercation.

The fight appears to have started just as a large group of people begin to sing “Happy Birthday” to one of the children.

It is is still unclear how the ordeal occurred, however footage of the incident has since emerged online and it clearly shows the two women involved arguing at each other.

The two women involved in the altercation are now pressing charges, after the brawl began despite the presence of a spate of birthday soirees.

Melanie L’Hommedieu, who was involved in the bash, has alleged that the incident started when she looked to help a little boy that was lost.

L’Hommedieu stated, “So I just, you know, gently said, ‘I’m not your mommy,’ and I looked to see who his mommy was, and I was approached with, ‘You get your hands off my son.’ So I was in shock.”

This then lead to the first punch being thrown, whilst one of Melanie L’Hommedieu’s friends has alleged that she was attacked and that her purse was stolen.

Lisa Lord also revealed that her young daughter was inconsolable after the event, and that when her purse was later returned to her, her iPone and money had disappeared.

Police failed to arrive on the scene until later, whilst Chuck E. Cheese’s members of staff were too overawed to stop the incident.

[Image via Try To Love Again/Wikicommons]