Rebel Yell: 13 States Against Obamacare

Americans in 13 states are rebelling against Obamacare. In addition to mobilizing opposition to big government power-grabs coming out of Washington DC, Campaign for Liberty also organizes patriots on the state level to fight big government policies there.

Just because our representatives on Capitol Hill have not been able to repeal or even limit the implementation of socialized medicine doesn’t mean the fight is over. State governments must agree to implement lire parts of Obamacare, so our State Operations team has taken matters into their own hands.

One of the Affordable Care Act’s chief goals is to expand the rolls of Medicaid, qualifying millions of the working poor — those who earn too much to qualify for the government’s health-care coverage today but can’t afford private insurance. When the law goes into effect next year, the Medicaid expansion won’t play out the way President Barack Obama had hoped. That’s because a Supreme Court ruling last year puts the decision in the hands of each state’s lawmakers

The motivation for sitting out is often financial, with many states concerned that the expansion will strain their coffers to the breaking point, given that they’ll be asked to take on 10% of coverage costs starting in 2020. But according to research from Rand Corporation, those states risk losing $8.4 billion in federal funds by snubbing the expansion.

The 13 states rebelling against Obamacare are Texas, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Virginia, Missouri, Wisconsin, Alabama, South Carolina, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Mississippi, and Kansas. Campaign for Liberty State Coordinators have been leading the charge against the setting up of healthcare exchanges for Obamacare and the expansion of Medicare, while turning up the heat on Governors and state legislators who are complying with this terrible piece of legislation.

With most people making minimum wage, it is hard enough to make ends meet. To be forced to buy into the “Affordable Care Act,” which is not so affordable or be fined for not having insurance is putting many American people in a very tough position. It is understandable why these 13 states and more to follow will fight against Obamacare.