Jenny McCarthy joins The View and causes controversy.

Jenny McCarthy Joins ‘The View’ And Causes Controversy

Jenny McCarthy has officially joined The View as reported by The Inquisitr earlier Monday and she is already creating controversy, as a matter of fact some are calling her the most controversial host the talk show has ever had.

McCarthy has an interesting resume. She was a Playboy Playmate, MTV game show host, parody film star, parenting author, and one of the biggest public opponents of childhood vaccines.

Social media was up in arms after Monday’s announcement that McCarthy would be joining Barbara Walters and the rest of the ladies in the talk show.

The controversy stems from the fact that McCarthy believes there’s a link between immunizing children and autism. Adding to those claims, Jenny McCarthy says that her son became autistic after being vaccinated and was subsequently cured with a gluten free diet.

Many in the medical community see her as a threat to the public’s health because she is opposed to vaccinations and states that they cause more harm than good.

Slate’s writer Phil Plait recently asked readers to campaign against McCarthy’s new gig.

“McCarthy’s views constitute, in my opinion, a threat to public health,” writes Plait. “And even if she doesn’t talk about any of her nonsensical health ideas on the show, the very fact that she now has this co-host position gives her a tacit credibility to the viewer.”

Feminist author Jessica Valenti tweeted,

While she retweeted one of her followers who commented,

Medical experts say that McCarthy’s position against vaccinations has no scientific basis.

The Jenny McCarthy controversy is only starting, we will see if the new host uses The View to promote her cause.

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