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House Explosion Rocks TV Station, Terrified Anchors Awkwardly Resume [Viral Video]

Corpus Christi, TX – KIII-TV’s studio anchors became the news last Friday morning when a nearby explosion shook the TV station, as well as its crew.

The players: Meteorologist Kristin Diaz, as well as news anchors John Thomas and Jane Monreal. The story? A home explosion on the 4800 block of Holmes and McArdle.

It was already an early morning as our three anchors readied themselves for a weather report at 5:30 in the Friday a.m. Almost two miles away a home explosion occurred, the blast of which was apparently felt all over town.

The KIII-TV station was literally rocked by the explosion, and all three anchors became visually perturbed as they waited for the shaking to subside.

Jane Monreal recovered the quickest, nodding and laughing awkwardly, and acknowledging that an explosion and taken place. She promised to get someone to investigate and update the viewers when they knew more.

The local blast had apparently destroyed three homes, and damaged about 70 others. Luckily, only two people were injured. Though they didn’t know it at the time, Diaz, Thomas and Monreal carried on anyway. What choice did they really have?

The TV station explosion clip has gone viral on YouTube, tallying up almost 40,000 views. Some commentators theorized that the explosion was caused by a meth lab, but as of this posting, no official cause has been given.

Check out the TV station explosion video above, and let us know what you think in the comments. Best impromptu local news flub yet, or are you still holding a candle for Julie Tremmel’s awkward bear attack clip?