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Kim Kardashian Says ‘No Justice’ In Trayvon Martin Case, Is Ripped For Late Father’s OJ Defense

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian has landed in hot water after she weighed in on the controversial Trayvon Martin murder case verdict. Like the slew of people on Twitter that are outraged by the not guilty verdict, Kardashian tweeted: “no justice” as a hash tag.

However in many people’s eyes the big difference between Kardashian and the rest of the world is that Kim Kardashian’s father helped O.J. Simpson get acquitted in his criminal case in 1994 for his double murder charge. While Simpson got away, a great deal of people believed he should have been found guilty.

The two cases draw parallels even though they’re decades a part, and Simpson was famous for being a retired NFL star. George Zimmerman was found not guilty as was O.J. Simpson, and both cases were widely followed by 24-hour media coverage when the incident happened, up until the verdict of the trial.

Unbeknownst to the parallels Kim Kardashian’s tweet for Trayvon read: “My heart goes out to Trayvon Martin’s family & loved ones. Thought & prayers being sent their way. #nojustice.”

The backlash for Kardashian was almost immediate. Kim, whose later father Robert Kardashian was part of the defense team for the O.J. Simpson trial with many angry people.

Another user tweeted: “Kim Kardashian tweeted earlier “#nojustice” about the Trayvon case, but her dad was one of the attorneys that got OJ acquitted of murder.”

Although Robert Kardashian was a part of O.J.’s defense team, in his later years he did question the outcome. Robert once said to ABC News: “I have doubts. The blood evidence is the biggest thorn in my side.”

Trayvon Martin wasn’t the only thing on Kim Kardashian’s mind. The reality star tweeted about Glee actor Cory Monteith’s death over the weekend:

Do you think Kim Kardashian is an easy target, or does she deserve to be ridiculed because of what her father was most famous for? Tell us what you think.

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20 Responses to “Kim Kardashian Says ‘No Justice’ In Trayvon Martin Case, Is Ripped For Late Father’s OJ Defense”

  1. Lois Penberth

    I think it's crazy to say she can't have an opinion on the subject. She also has a child now and has nieces and nephews to worry about in this crazy world. I as a parent taught my children to fight back if someone is following you in the dark or trying to get you in a car. What did this get Trayvon? Shot and killed by some gun carrying cop want to be. So back to Robert he was a well respected lawyer and a damn good family man.I know every detail of that trial I have every book ever written and I kept notebooks. My mother may she rest in peace came to my house everyday to make supper for my kids when they got home from school so I didn't miss a thing. So yes Kimberly as your DAD would say there was a miscarriage of justice here and you voice your opinion any time.

  2. Cory Avid Whale-watcher Finnie

    so you teach your kids to approach someone following them and start a fight instead of calling the cops and say they are being followed ?? martin had a phone and could have called 911 but instead wanted to fight which was the first illegal thing done that night .. your a retarded parent and I feel bad for your kids .. teach them to approach strangers at night is the dumbest thing ive ever heard

  3. Pithole Hermit

    Wow! I agree that Kim Kardashian should be allowed to voice her idiocy, in fact I expect it. But I am almost speechless that such a terrible parent, as Lois proudly proclaims herself to be, can even exist in today's world. Sadly, some day her own words may come back to haunt her as she attends her child's funeral because they followed her advice to aggressively approach a stranger in the dark.

  4. Lois Penberth

    Cory your an ass and read the story wrong. I said if someone was trying to get them in a car physically. And yes I told them to fight back what are you saying they should just get into the car willingly .I hope you DON'T have children or they could be molested or even killed by some maniac. You are an ass.

  5. Lois Penberth

    I told them to run home first but if they don't make it home and someone grabs them to kick and scream and yes fight back to get someone's attention. I feel sorry for you's as parents if you are not teaching your children self defense because they might just need it someday and I hope and pray they don't go with a crazy person willingly. That was all I was saying.

  6. Lois Penberth

    And when 2 of my older children were younger cell phones were not that popular like they are now . My 9 yr old has one and does know how to use it thank God and I didn't realize that I did not write everything down exactly how I wanted to that was my fault but to say I'm a bad parent and retarded is just crazy.

  7. Chris Alan

    She has repeatedly shown an uneducated and shallow grasp of every topic she opines upon. She uses her undeserved status to stand on a soapbox and proceed to instruct the general public how they should feel and act. She deserves every ounce of scorn and ridicule directed her way. Every ounce.

  8. Chris Alan

    Do you teach your children to have conversations with vapid celebrities through comment sections of internet posts? Do you teach them the same failure to exercise basic spelling and grammar? It is what you are doing, and if so, you are a terrible mother that is likely raising more self-absorbed narcissists that will proceed to further drive this country into the gutter.

  9. Anonymous

    Lois Penberth … Lois, You are a dumb-ass. You are what is wrong with this country, and to know you have re-produced is scary.You had your mom come home everyday and cook for the kids so you can watch TV?? LMAO dumb-ass. So this is who idolizes the Kardashians ha? figures…
    Cory, You are the man.

  10. Anonymous

    Kim Kardashian is like any other hypocrite celeb…they are all the same. Immoral and disgusting.

  11. Lois Penberth

    NO dj YOUR are a dumb ass I said during the OJ trial or don't you know how to read either. People make me sick on here they always have a comment and don't read the post people are writing . They just assume shit . Get a life dip shit My mother passed away .

  12. Lois Penberth

    BTW I do get to talk to OJ and he does have access to a computer .If people would ask questions instead of assume shit they would be better off. MY kids are just fine they graduated high school and never got in any trouble so I count my blessings. Thanks for your concern though .

  13. Lois Penberth

    And Chris Alan if you or anyone else don't like what I'm saying or don't agree with me just don't read it. And why even respond yous don't have to agree with everyone on here ,but to call people names yous are just being asses get off the internet then.

  14. Jenna Lynn

    djdabish For Your Info Dickhead No Lois Cooked For Her Kids Everyday and Took Great Care Of Them She Did It On Her Own It's Women Like Lois Who Make This Country Better So Be for You Say Stuff About People ( THAT YOU DON'T KNOW ) Get The Facts

  15. Lois Penberth

    I get so frustrated with people that I miss some words here and there. What I meant to say was that my mom helped me make supper everyday and did so I did not miss the trial that I was so interested in. Now that's a GREAT PARENT . Thanks Jenna your quite the lady yourself for letting some of these noisy people have it.

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