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San Francisco Trayvon March Pic A Fake

trayvon martin protests san francisco

A San Francisco Trayvon Martin protest picture circulating on Twitter is a fake, in actuality taken back in September of 2012, well before tonight’s Trayvon demonstrations.

While San Francisco indeed was the location of some Trayvon Martin rallies today, the moving image of people flooding the city’s Golden Gate Bridge is not an accurate depiction of those demonstrations.

The San Francisco Trayvon rally was smaller and later in the day, with the image circulation of a purported Trayvon Martin protest actually showing a celebration for the city and not outcry over yesterday’s George Zimmerman not guilty verdict.

Widely shared on Instagram and Twitter, the San Francisco “Trayvon Martin protest” image has been very popular on all networks, in part due to the sheer number of people shown in the picture.

Twitter users wrote:

However, a cursory bit of research reveals the San Francisco alleged Trayvon Martin protest pic was posted last year on Facebook.

Protests large in number were reported in Los Angeles and New York City in the Justice For Trayvon protest movement, but the San Francisco pic was, alas, not part of that.

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20 Responses to “San Francisco Trayvon March Pic A Fake”

  1. Mike Merritt

    If you really want to do something for Trayvon Martin, make an effort to stop the gang violence that kills many more young black men than is ever reported.. It happens all over the country and people seem to ignore how many young lives are lost to the foolishness of a gang shooting… That's what I do and its not difficult to find someone who is wanting out of the violent world that surrounds a gang.. My proudest day so far was watching this young man get his diploma for High School. He's working and taking the basics at college and I couldn't be happier for him.. It takes more effot and honor to do the hard thing instead of just following the crowd to jail or to the cemetary.. The best part is how proud of his achievemtnts he is and in most cases even his old gang friends are proud of him…Very few wish him any trouble and he just avoids them the best he can…

  2. Gavin ML Fletcher

    The error you make sir is assuming that the two are mutually exclusive. For decades, communities of all races and cultures, places of worship from all faiths have consistently fought the things that allow gang violence to proliferate. This is not about that. I can be active in addressing the injustices women are facing in this nation while I am dealing with the issues persons of special needs deal with. Just like I can ACTIVELY speak out against the fact that a boy was profiled and killed in cold blood while at the same time ACTIVELY speak out against the violence between young men over drugs. Murder and violence is horrible. Gang violence is horrible. But Trayvon was not a gang member. He was a child shot by a wanna be cop because he fit the profile. It is comments like yours that make people of color cringe at this nation's justice system. Following your arguments, the black community would be better off ignoring all the examples of violence against unarmed black men by people in positions of authority. You obviously just don't understand.

  3. Kim LaCapria

    Agreed. It's horribly insulting to conflate the two. The Martin case deserves its own platform, and Trayvon Martin DOESN'T have to answer for the sins of others.

  4. Laura Gonzalez

    The picture is from 1987, the 50th anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge when it was closed to traffic and open to pedestrians only. It has not been closed like that since because the sheer number of people actually flattened the curved span, and engineers were worried.

  5. Allen Walker

    If that be the case why does America have the answer to the sins of others…I didn't have a slave
    so why do the blacks want me to kiss their ass.. I never wanted anything to do with them.. They can all go back to Africa… they only problem is the blacks over there don't want anything to do with either.

  6. Allen Walker

    So why the hood white boy? don't want to show you face? I like the post but your a fool..

  7. Andre K Brown

    bullshit..just like the propaganda this photo was used for…hate the verdict? Change the law..everything else is wasted time..

  8. Kenny Vee

    Another cursory search shows that The Inquisitor really sucks at research, since the photo is 25 years older than they give it credit for.

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