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Penis Size Of American Men: Scientists Confirm 5.5 Inches Is Average

Does size matter?

Not necessarily, according to a recent research study from Indiana University, reported in the Journal of Sexual Medicine. The survey, or to give its full title: Erect Penile Length and Circumference Dimensions of 1,661 Sexually Active Men in the United States, concluded that size was only one factor.

It explains its conclusions in some detail but, what it all boils down to in the end, is, that it’s not what you have, it’s what you do with it!

The main purpose of the study was to establish the average length of the American penis, which turned out to be 5.5 inches. For those of you who have difficulty in estimating size, you only need a $20 bill. The average of 5.5 inches is just half an inch shorter than the bill (on its longer side, of course).

So, how did the research team arrive at their conclusions? Dr Debby Herbenick, Associate Director at the Center for Sexual Health Promotion, stated that they, and she, had not personally measured each penis. Instead they had relied on the information given by each participant in the study.

In answer to the obvious question, as to how they knew if the men were telling the truth, she wrote that they had no reason to lie.

She explained: ‘They had good reason to report accurate data to us because we were using their size data to match them to a condom that was sized to fit their erect penis. If they reported a bigger-than-reality size to us, they would get a baggier condom. If they reported a smaller-than-reality size to us, the condom would be too tight.

Dr Herbenick went on to clarify what was meant by ‘average’. She disclosed they had found that erect penis size varied from as little 1.6 inches to as much as 10.2 inches!

Interestingly, she wrote that the size of the erection depended on how the man got it. Generally, men who received oral sex, got a bigger erection than those relying on masturbation, or ‘a hand job’ from a partner.

The overall purpose of the research was to provide data that would benefit both men and women, and lead to an improvement in the quality of their sex lives.

This is what Dr Herbenick, in her other role as a sexual health educator at the famous Kinsey Institute, hopes to achieve.

How important is penis size to you? Is 5.5 inches enough? Too much? You can tell us in the comments feed below – and you don’t have to use your real name!