Infographic War for Pet Charity: It’s Claws vs. Paws

Are cats > dogs? Which animal – cats or dogs – rule social media? With the fame of Grumpy Cat the obvious answer should be cats, but the real answer is, it depends which social network you ask.

Even though in real life most people say they are more a dog person than a cat person, no one can dispute that online and on social networks, cat people usually win. A quick review of some of the biggest sites shows just how much disparity there is.Reddit: Vote for Cats

This is where the geeks hang and where the cat lovers handily beat out dogs. Compare the numbers for the two subreddits:

/r/cats (26436)

/r/dogs (6169)

Facebook: Vote for Dogs

Despite having their own profiles on Facebook, cats aren’t even close to catching the dogs here.Last checked, the interest page for cats has 3,269,410 likes and just 6,054 people talking about them. With almost four times the likes (11,165,673) and double the engagement (12,481), Facebook goes to the dogs.Google+: Too close to Call

On a list of the most followed communities on Google+ it’s a lot closer call.At #107 the Dog of the Day community has over 33k followers. And the cats? Right behind them at #108 with 32,993 followers is the Cats of Google+ page.

Twitter: Tough call

Sockington has more followers than most humans do and the profiles of cats have the most followers by far.

The question of cats vs dogs online will be analyzed and debated as long as the internet is alive. So to make it easier, here are two versions of an infographic: one for cat fans and one for fans of dogs.